100 Word Song – People Have the Power

I've been writing a disjointed story/treatment for a novel/short story - in the form of responses to the perfect and fantabulous prompt - in the form of a song - hosted by my most crazy musical brother in arms Lance from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. The only rule? Your post must be … Continue reading 100 Word Song – People Have the Power


Her feet pounded on the dry cracked earth. Dust rose like smoke clouds behind her as she ran across the barren expanse of land: A courtyard surrounded by housing for the Military Officers. There were no children playing out in the open; at any moment there could be shells, or gun shots. She got home … Continue reading Sabra

100 Word Song – I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

She bolted from the drugstore. Leaning against the closed-door she took big gulps of air. Her eyes filled with tears; she looked up to see the sky streaked with gray. The kindness and warmth Beaufort had shown her was overwhelming. Her thoughts came fast and hard; This explained her emotionally distant parents. Lu was her mother. … Continue reading 100 Word Song – I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

Oh, Coco No

It's not okay. We always say, "We will never forget." But will we forget if it means we still get to wear our favorite perfume or carry our ultra-hip handbag? Will we forget because we love to see the celebrity A-listers in Chanel Couture;  because Anne Hathaway looks amazing in her Chanel Gown? And Anne would … Continue reading Oh, Coco No