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10 Ways You Can Help Your Child With Food Allergies

  It doesn’t matter how old your kid is when you find out he has food allergies, the first thing that goes through your head is; he’s never going to have a normal life. I know it sounds melodramatic – to you maybe, if your kid doesn’t have food allergies. But to me, when my […]


8 Reasons I’m Glad My Son Has OCD

  A lot of parents get really freaked out when they find out their kid has some psychological neurological issues. Although I am not thrilled about the tantrums and the inability to modulate his volume, the OCD? It could be worse. 8 Reasons I am glad my son has OCD He brushes his teeth for 3 […]

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My Kid is a Freaking Rainbow

Last week, in search of something shiny, my son and I popped into the local resale shop. After a few laps around, some time in the toy section checking out a little fairy castle, he settled on a beautiful pair of clip earrings, circa 1984 old lady. I wasn’t sure what his plan was, but […]

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Twisted Mix Tape The #Mommitment Edition

I don’t have to miss mix tapes, because mix tapes are constantly playing in my head. Not a day goes by that I don’t think, “If I were making a mix tape about ……. this song would be on it.” So that’s how this happened. There’s a movement that’s been going around the web called […]

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I Got a Parenting Do-Over and it Couldn’t Have Come Too Soon

Cabin fever was definitely taking its toll on us. Every conversation was somehow escalating into an argument. Every interaction with Isaiah seemed more like a list of what he was doing wrong, not what he was doing right. School work was a struggle, bedtime was a struggle, forget picking up his toys. I watched it […]

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I Love a Little Girl With PACS1 And I’ve Never Even Met Her

I am pretty sure if Isaiah and Bridget ever met, they would be amazing friends. I’ve been watching Bridget grow up for a while now. I met her mom, Kerri, through my good friend, Kristi, because we were all moms of kids with Special Needs, and we all had the same sense of humor. That […]

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The #1 Reason You Should Not Listen to Your Mom

Isaiah is pretty sure I ruin everything. He might be right. So he’s going to explain why you shouldn’t listen to your mom.  

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We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers of Dreams

Hold on Tight I Don’t Exactly Know What’s Going to Happen!     As a child, I remember being quite frightened by Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory. My strongest memory is of the Oompa Loompas, they were just plain scary. I have been waiting for years to let Isaiah watch Willy Wonka and The […]

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The Mother of All Meltdowns is Turning One!

  One of the proudest days in my life was when I was accepted as a contributor to this book. The Mother of All Meltdowns was full of so many writers I admired I couldn’t believe I got to be included right beside them. What amazed me even more was how many people bought our […]

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Counting Breaths

I’m at the end of the bed watching Isaiah. He is covered in towels, laying on towels, sleeping fitfully. I have my timer in my hand and I am counting his breaths. At 5am this morning he woke feeling “yucky” and coughing that ugly barking cough. I rolled over and grabbed his inhaler. At 6am […]