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Mommy Fail Number 235 – Model Car Kit

I only go to Michael’s in an emergency; I can’t be trusted. This time, I put my blinders on to pick out a birthday present for one of Isaiah’s friends. I passed the scrapbook stickers, looked straight ahead as I walked by the colored pencils and didn’t even peak at the already-here-way-to-early Halloween decorations. I was surgical, I […]

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I Wanted Him to Be a Musician

My mom wanted me to be an attorney.  She was so sure I was meant to be an attorney, because all tests pointed to yes, that she decided what school I would go to and what I would major in.  Well it only took me a few months of college to realize that once you […]

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My teeth hurt or What do you do when the gloomies hit you?

My teeth hurt.  My teeth hurt because I am clenching them when I sleep.  I go to bed trying to convince myself not to do it.  Yet I wake up and my teeth just ache.  I know what this is a sign of.  It’s a sign of stress.  Duh.  I know you know that.  I […]

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Rainy day balance game

So, I got this idea from a post I saw on pinterest about making a spiderweb puzzle to walk and challenge your kids, and as a plus I knew it would help sensory issues, like sensory processing disorder and sensory integration disorder.  For any kid it was perfect for our gloomy and damp midwest fall.  […]

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and just when you thought you were done dealing with the sensory stuff….

So, I often tell people who I started this blog as a way to help parents deal with the many health issues that children deal with and seem to come along with, sensory processing disorder.  When they ask me about my son I say, “Well we are pretty much past it now, we caught it […]