My teeth hurt or What do you do when the gloomies hit you?

My teeth hurt.  My teeth hurt because I am clenching them when I sleep.  I go to bed trying to convince myself not to do it.  Yet I wake up and my teeth just ache.  I know what this is a sign of.  It’s a sign of stress.  Duh.  I know you know that.  I know I know it.  Well guess what? Knowing doesn’t fix it.  The clouds are starting to roll in, it’s starting to get dark oh so early.  The sun is playing hide and go seek, oh wait, no, I’ll just hide for oh, let’s say 5 months.  Yeah, the season’s affect me.  I know they affect a lot of us.  So many times I think, I should just be able to convince myself to not be affected.  Right?  Because I know what it is, I should be able to talk myself out of it.  Ha! That’s a funny one.

So you know what?  I write.  Writing makes me feel better.  I write and I dream of South Carolina.  We go there every summer.  The minute the gloom hits, I count down the days, 224.  Wow, that seems like a lot.  How bout I just dream about it and I forget how many days it is?

The view from our deck

The Boo and The Poppy.  Our month away is the only real extended time they get to be together.  Thanks to The Poppy (or Husband to me 🙂 I get to stay home and teach my son, but that means lots of late nights for Poppy.  Not in South Carolina!

What do you dream of when the gloomies hit you?

2 thoughts on “My teeth hurt or What do you do when the gloomies hit you?

  1. Do you have a SAD sunlamp? I lived in New Zealand for 10 months and saw the sun twice — man, I was depressed. For sure, get a sunlamp. There’s no talking yourself out of it. Did I mention that they say sunlamps do wondrous miracles? Hope you’re feeling better.

    • I had a sun lamp and the bulb burned out…. 😦 they cost a lot to replace. It did work very well. I feel better now, I have been eating to my Traditional Chinese Medicine type, and it’s made a difference. And the sun has been out for a couple of days, which has definitely helped. I need to live somewhere sunny like you!

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