A wasted day or a worth it day?

It’s 11:00 am, our homeschooling day has not yet begun.  Why?  Husband can’t find my tripod.  I’m not sure he really needs it, but when he gets an idea in his head, well, that pretty much takes over the day.  And now – it’s a treasure hunt.  For a boy who gets to spend too few hours with his father; how can I deny him this adventure?  As they hunt for this treasure; they find other treasures along the way. Tomorrow is Halloween, and of course Husband neglected to mention that he needed to show up at the courts in a costume.  So as we hunt he discovers things that were there all a long.  An old smoking jacket I purchased in my 20’s to wear to a costume party, the long blond wig I bought him for his surprise 70’s themed birthday party. 70's Party


Isaiah gets so excited, he finds one of his many hats (given to him by grandpa Don, who was an actor and accumulated many hats) to add to the costume.  Now we are deciding, should I be Bjorn Borg?  Or Arthur Ash?  Or should I just be a hobo?  If you have read any of my “married to him” posts, you will know that this type of operation is not unusual for my husband.  I remind him he’s looking for the tripod, and take over the search myself.  I can’t find it. Of course he had it last, and his filing system is a mystery to me.  As I search I hear him say, from some other floor, now I need one of those old terry sweat bands. He’s rummaging, not looking for the tripod.  Now we’re looking for a sweat band, “wait look what I found!”  Me, “Did you find the tripod?” Him, “No, but these old tennis racquets will be perfect for my costume!” Me again,”OK, but let’s find the tripod.”  Isaiah is sure it’s in the attic, he finds the prospect of going into the attic very exciting; he explains how Mommy can go, or Poppy can go, or we both can go, but he’ll stay downstairs.  We don’t keep anything in the attic.  Never have.  He is just trying to get us to go there because it’s so exciting.  I’m watching the clock.  I’m thinking, we have missed a main lesson and our morning walk.  I turn around, Husband is gone. Isaiah says he’s going to search on his own.  I try to encourage him to let go of the search,and then, wait for it….. Husband remembers it’s at my sister’s house.  Yes, typical. Isaiah starts to put his jacket on. Trying to hide my frustration I remind him that we still have work to do.  His Poppy can go get the tripod on the way to work.  And you know what he says?  He says,  “Mommy, the tripod is for me!”  What??!!Father and Son

And this is what married to ADD looks like.   I want to be angry about Isaiah missing almost a whole day of home school.  I want to ask my husband why he didn’t tell Isaiah we would wait until later to look for the tripod.  But I can’t.  I can’t because Isaiah treasured every moment of their adventure together, and I won’t take that from him.  Isn’t that why we home school?  We home school so we can be flexible.  So if something comes up, like a festival or a holiday we can celebrate without worrying about missing a day?  So this is like a holiday, a holiday treasure hunt with Poppy.  What more worth it holiday could there be?Bjorn Borg look alike

Bjorn Borg

16 thoughts on “A wasted day or a worth it day?

  1. I think this is why everyone should be a little unschool (:

    That is by far the coolest smoking jacket that I’ve ever seen. Covet.

    Sounds like a fun day!

    • Believe it or not I got that at a thrift shop in a not so nice neighborhood in Chicago, and they had tons of them! Only that was 20 (oh man) years ago! And I agree with the un-school thing, more than you can imagine these days. Little Mr Resistant wants to talk about Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon, not do Waldorf math in a main lesson book. Am thinking I might run with the American History thing…..

      • yes! Run! If you aren’t familiar, check out Beautiful Feet Books for literature selections for history study — definitely get the d’Aulaire biographies!! bfbooks.com

  2. He looks good as a blonde! I’m just saying! I hear you on the ADD husband ‘thang’, but to our growing boys? Dad is a super hero! (In your case, with a blonde wig!)

    • LOL! My husband is a tad bit older than me, back in the 70’s he had long blonde hair. He was an over the road furniture mover who spent an inordinate amount of time hanging out in Florida, so when we did the 70’s party, we had to have that blonde wig! I think he looks pretty good too 🙂
      And yes, even the sleeping Poppy in the sofa, as long as they are on the same sofa, is awesome to his boy!

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