8 Reasons I’m Glad My Son Has OCD

  A lot of parents get really freaked out when they find out their kid has some psychological neurological issues. Although I am not thrilled about the tantrums and the inability to modulate his volume, the OCD? It could be worse. 8 Reasons I am glad my son has OCD He brushes his teeth for 3 […]

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The Answer is, You Don’t Get An Answer

  Last night I came into my bedroom and was immediately informed that “it” was none of my beeswax. I did not know what “it” was, but was pretty sure that “it” wasn’t good. However I am a huge fan of natural consequences and so I walked away. 15 minutes later the boy was screaming […]

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Mommy Fail Number 235 – Model Car Kit

I only go to Michael’s in an emergency; I can’t be trusted. This time, I put my blinders on to pick out a birthday present for one of Isaiah’s friends. I passed the scrapbook stickers, looked straight ahead as I walked by the colored pencils and didn’t even peak at the already-here-way-to-early Halloween decorations. I was surgical, I […]

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I’m not saying YOUR child doesn’t have anxiety. I’m saying just because mine likes to control everything doesn’t mean HE does.

I think I may have over-advocated for my son a few weeks back. You didn’t think there was such a thing did you? It’s kind of like Munchausen by Proxy, only not. I wasn’t making him sick or faking symptoms or anything. No, instead I was willing to accept a list of possible disorders based […]

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the Time I Almost Tweeted John Cusack or When Reality Infiltrates Fantasy

  Insomnia will do funny things to your brain. I know. I’ve had a lot of experience with it. Last night in my insomniatic fugue state I had an imaginary conversation with John Cusack. In my head it all started with a tweet. @JohnCusack did you ever hang out at No Exit over on Glenwood […]

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Isaiahisms Vol 2

It’s that time again. Actually. I forgot last week. Sorry. I think I have too many things going on, but not so many that I can’t share with you, by popular demand, and my own delusions of grandeur, or ridiculous narcissism when it comes to my son. The new blog: IsaiahDotCom. Actually he demanded it. […]

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And When You Start A Conversation In The Middle of A Sentence I Do Not Find it Amusing

“Oh I get it now, those funny things on the helmets are to protect the skiers…” “What? What are you talking about?” My husband, son and I just left the rec center where we were playing bingo. I’m driving, it’s freezing and my body is wracked with shivers as we make our way towards home. […]

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Isaiahisms Vol 1

By popular demand, and my own delusions of grandeur, or ridiculous narcissism when it comes to my son. I created a new blog called IsaiahDotCom. Actually he demanded it. I know you might not have enough time or inclination to read another blog. So every week you will find a recap here. But if you […]

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How Not To Make A Vlog

    This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday VLOG! Or A How Not to Make a Vlog! woo hoo! Hosted by: Janine Huldie of Confessions of a Mommyaholic Kate Hall of Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee Stephanie Sprenger of Mommy, For Real  

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It’s Gigantic!

This week, it is my honor to co-host my favorite blog-hop! (Besides mine, shameless plug) When the call went out for new sentences for Finish the Sentence Friday I thought about how much I enjoy the topics that can be turned to the funny side of things. So I offered “Once I saw the biggest…” […]