Isaiahisms Vol 1

isaiah in suit for

By popular demand, and my own delusions of grandeur, or ridiculous narcissism when it comes to my son. I created a new blog called IsaiahDotCom.

Actually he demanded it.

I know you might not have enough time or inclination to read another blog. So every week you will find a recap here. But if you want a blow by blow on the latest antics, head on over to IsaiahDotCom.

Week One

The Isaiah International Dictionary:

Gallant is pronounced galliant, def. When a kid can do anything the kid wants to do.

As in, “It Makes me feel gallant when you let me do anything I want, like eat candy for dinner and watch TV.”


Isaiah on Learning of His Father’s Birthday

        “What? Before you know it you’re going to be a tiny man walking around with a little crooked crutch.”


Isaiah Wants to Know

“Who are the media anyway?

The media are people in black suits who walk around saying garbage.”


On the site there are some awesome videos too!

So if you want to know more head on over to IsaiahDotCom – he said that, not me.

14 thoughts on “Isaiahisms Vol 1

    • Oh Steph, It’s so much fun. And I want to bring him to an agent, but that’s a rabbit hole I’m not sure I want to go down!

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