The Elephant In The Room Was Dyslexia

Tears. Last year was the year of tears. It was the year of me secretly wishing he would actually, really want to go to “real” school and actually really like it. It was also the year I knew he could not actually go to real school because I knew he could not read. Last year […]

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My Kid is a Freaking Rainbow

Last week, in search of something shiny, my son and I popped into the local resale shop. After a few laps around, some time in the toy section checking out a little fairy castle, he settled on a beautiful pair of clip earrings, circa 1984 old lady. I wasn’t sure what his plan was, but […]

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Don’t Mind My Son He’s Just Got OCD

Little girl in Isaiah’s archery class, I know you’re too young to understand. I wish I could explain to you that it’s his OCD that makes him move your arrows from the first orange cone to the second. You see the very first time he came to this class that’s how the arrows were set […]

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I Am An American and Today I Celebrate Abraham Lincoln

Do you know who our 16th president was? Does your 3rd grader? As of today, thanks to a Congressional resolution, it is International Darwin Day, now and forever on February 12. It also happens to be the birthday of one of the (I dare say the second) greatest Presidents in this America’s history. The man […]

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On the outside I’m a hippie freakshow, on the inside…About Jen Kehl

Living Outside the Box You may think I’m a contradiction. I listen to the Grateful Dead, I buy only organic when I can, I vote conservative. I don’t wear makeup, I buy expensive shampoo, I owned a Bugaboo and I buy most of my clothes at Target. I read my bible everyday, old and new […]

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I’m Always Confounding Things

So I’m sitting in my bed feeling fairly crabby, and really not interested in writing – although I had every intention of doing so. I am reading people’s work, I am considering watching some back episodes on my iPad. Then my son starts hacking. If you know me, then you know my son sleeps with […]

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Mojo vs. The Evil Dragon Lady

This freakin’ weather! Not everyone has the pleasure of living in the midwest. I am aware of that. And I am acutely aware of the fact that many people live places were the sun shines at least, oh I don’t know; once every 4 days? Wow, that would be heaven. That would be like a […]

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I’m just a girl, parenting a boy.

That’s him, that’s my son, the one swinging from the loft on a swing made of home-made rope. I read a Facebook post the other day, one in which a mother was concerned about her stepson’s rambunctious playing style.  He’s 5, and she has younger girls.  I understand, I do.  I am the mother of […]

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Call and Response

I’ve been absent for a while.  I’ve been absent because I have been pondering. I have made a very good friend through my blog.  Amazingly enough, she has my mind, in a body I have never met, living somewhere in Florida.  She has become a wonderful friend, a great sounding board, and also a reminder.  […]


My Faith and Planning our Homeschool Year

I was amazed when I read the passage below.  Homeschooling is such a journey.  I hear so much, how do you do it?  I could never homeschool, I don’t have the patience, or even I would probably kill my child if I was with him all day.  Well, I struggle with all of that.  Let’s […]