The Gnomes Under Our Tub

There are gnomes that live under our bathtub. What? You didn’t know? Oh, well, now you know. We have a gnome family under our tub. They moved in one day, about – hmmm…. I don’t know, when did Isaiah start playing Edmund Fitzgerald? About two years ago? Ok, well that’s when they moved in.

The problem is; although they are very sturdy gnomes – as gnomes will be, they are not so smart. You would think that after their house had been flooded 2, 3, 12 times, they might decide to move along. Nope, not our gnomes, no matter what the hardship, how high those waves go – through stormy seas, mighty gales and shipwrecks those gnomes persevere.

Those sweet gnomes. It is very important that we are careful not to flood our dear gnomes. Captain Isaiah, of all vessels tub, must guide his ships carefully through the stormy seas if he wants the gnomes to survive. Every so often he sounds the alarm “weeeuuuu weeeeuuuu, ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! ALL HANDS ON DECK! CODE RED, I REPEAT ALL HANDS ON DECK”

I understand this code, it means “Mommy hurry and get some towels!” And sure enough when I arrive, he is very concerned about his little gnomes. Did I dry the water up fast enough? Will they be OK? Am I sure?

Oh, I am sure sweetie-pie, I am completely sure of the fact that the gnomes will survive; as sure as I am that they will move out shortly after shipwrecks and stormy seas (in the tub) become a thing of the past.


Isaiah serenading us to The Edmund Fitzgerald. Yes he knows every word to this 14 minute (or some lengthy time) song.

20 thoughts on “The Gnomes Under Our Tub

    • Janine ~ Since I didn’t have time to make them tiny life vests, they had to get really good at survival 🙂

    • Kelly~ You’re awesome! I know… he actually wrote a song called “I’m a rock star” Stay tuned for that one!

    • Linda~ He was totally indoctrinated by my husband and sister to love that song. I always thought it was sad, although he rocks it!

  1. Wow… How cool.

    I’m diggin’ what looks like a really cool pair of “shades” in the 1st pic.

    And I’m also diggin’ that “right leg whip” in the video, not to mention the singing… Ha!!!

    Enjoyed… Have a great week, Slu

  2. I have spent much time drying off cars and cleaning a sopping wet bathroom floor.

    Most importantly, the imagination and intelligence your kid has. Wow.

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