8 Reasons I’m Glad My Son Has OCD

my son has OCD


A lot of parents get really freaked out when they find out their kid has some psychological neurological issues. Although I am not thrilled about the tantrums and the inability to modulate his volume, the OCD? It could be worse.

8 Reasons I am glad my son has OCD

He brushes his teeth for 3 minutes. While you guys are fighting to get your kids to brush their teeth, I am fighting to get mine to stop. As the drool runs down his chin and on to the bathroom floor, I am telling him enough already, while he isn’t sure he got every spot. And don’t get me started on how nicely he rolls up his toothpaste tube.

He always makes sure all the lights in the house are off. As we leave any room in the house he has to make sure every light switch has been turned off in a very precise manner. Heaven forbid I “slide the switch” with the palm of my hand, I must “flip the switch.” And all I have to say is, “Oh I forgot to turn the light’s off,” and he scurries off to do it for me, because I won’t do it right.

He carries his own Purell. Now I know you are jealous, not only are his hands always clean, whenever I forget mine there is a handy spare in his pocket! And when his gets empty, he refills it himself!

His hand writing is really neat. He has to get that word just right, between the lines, p is a rule breaker, so is f. We just have to make sure all of that erasing doesn’t rip the paper because then we have to start all over again.

He is super helpful. Yesterday it was so windy and a lot of our neighbors garbage cans fell down, he insisted on getting out of the car to put them back up. Nice and straight. In a row.

He keeps the dishwasher organized. When he does put his dishes in the dishwasher, I often hear a lot of clanging, worried I check out the kitchen to find the dishwasher so neatly organized we can fit another half a load in!

If there is the tiniest tear in something he has to sew it. I know, right?! Who even sews these days? I don’t! But that kid can sew a button with the rest of them. And every time his pup pup’s leg falls off in the wash, he sews that sucker right back on.

All his ducks in a row. He is still a normal kid, and doesn’t always put his toys away. But when he does, they are put away neatly and the same way. Every time.



11 thoughts on “8 Reasons I’m Glad My Son Has OCD

  1. Yes, a lot of parents do get freaked out. For us, my son’s diagnosis was a relief because we finally knew why! I could definitely do without the tantrums, loud voice and messy eating, but I would miss his personality! I love that we can talk, at length, about semi-interesting topics like our shared infatuation for the Titanic!

    • Well we must have the same kid!! Isaiah LOVES the Titanic! He has since he was probably 5 or so? Ships in general have become a passion since then. And you are right, they are really amazing, smart and interesting kids who can converse on so many levels!

      • Well, we should get our kids together and they can talk about Titanic, Naval Ships and Submarines all day long! They truly are awesome and interesting kids!

  2. Love this! And it would seem that out of all of the issues my own kid has that maybe OCD isn’t so much one of them. I mean a tag in his shirt has to has to go but I think that’s more sensory because him putting away his toys neatly? Never. Ever. Love this! Pinned and tweeted!

    • Well of course neither of us needs anymore “issues” and yes that sensory stuff still persists here. Apparently the lotion I use makes his hands feel funny now. I can use it on his body, but not his hands or he freaks out! And only Legos go away neatly, so don’t be too jealous!

  3. I know that he struggles with this (and I can’t fathom the grand scale) — you both do — but the fact that you can find and embrace that there are positives within this monster of a diagnosis, is truly inspirational.
    You’re a great mom Jen. I can’t say it enough. I love that you allow him to brush his teeth for that amount of time…if Chase would OMG…and handwriting (sometimes it looks like it’s Egyptian hieroglyphics).
    You allow him to be him and to work the way he needs to — whether it takes him 50 pages of paper or one.
    All I’m saying is, you’re awesome. He’s awesome. And I’m glad that you’re trying to help other parents find positives in their situations too. Xoxo

  4. “And don’t get me started on how nicely he rolls up his toothpaste tube.” Oh, my God, your kid is ME! I have OCD too & those are all the things I do – except the garbage can bit (I don’t like germs so I don’t touch the garbage). But I brush till I’m drooling b/c Idk if I got all the spots. I rearrange the dishwasher after my son loads it b/c he doesn’t do it right & it’s all messy. And I put things back neatly & precisely. And I ALWAYS have my Purell. I’ll tell you what, it is nice to have a kid w/ OCD b/c they are usually neat & orderly (unless they’re hoarders), but it can be really debilitating for the OCD-sufferer. FYI for now or in the future you may want to look into cognitive behavioral therapy. It helped me tremendously. It saved my life.

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