Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday Take Two



Twisted Mix-Tape? WHAT??!!! This is what. Me and music, we go hand in hand. I carry earbuds with me everywhere I go. I’m not anti-social (I’m only anti-work), I’m just anti-silence. Well that’s a bold-faced lie, but when my choices are listening to the drivel playing at grocery, or a bunch of people yapping at Starbuckos, I choose music.

As I mentioned last week, (yes there was a last week and you can read about it here); I think in music. In my current position of soundtrack maker Music Director for Break the Parenting Mold, I finally get to live my dream. I can share my music musings with the world my readers. Did you know? Albert Einstein and I, we are simpatico.

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”
― Albert Einstein

And so, by the power invested in me by me, behold the Music Director of Break the Parenting Mold and Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday! Share your musical musings with me and my awesome co-host Kristi from Finding Ninee.

We invite you all to join in. Each week we (as in you and I, because I know you will feel an undeniable need to join us) will be creating a mix based on a different topic emotion. My plan is to keep the list to 5 songs; as hard as that may be, just incase you’re a music geek like me, and want to prepare. I would love for you to share your choices in the comments, surprise me, enlighten me, shock me! Even grab my button! Next weeks topic will be Unlikely Lullabies (as in songs not meant to be lullabies, but can do the trick). However if the topic doesn’t move you, create your own! Link up in the comments, and I will happily place your link in the post! Join the party!

Forbidden Love

She’s a Beauty – The Best of The Tubes
Stacy’s Mom – Welcome Interstate Managers
Don’t Stand So Close to Me / Young Girl (Glee Cast Version) – Glee: The Music, The Complete Season One
Come a Little Bit Closer – The Best of Jay & The Americans
Love Story – Fearless


28 thoughts on “Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday Take Two

  1. Hey I’ve never heard “Stacey’s mom has got it going on” before but I like it! Thanks for introducing it to me. And Taylor Swift is a PERFECT choice for Forbidden Love. Doesn’t she have, like every dude in Hollywood as an ex? Awesome.

    • Well clearly I do too, because it was one of the songs that sparked the idea for this list as it was repeating over and over on my iPod 🙂

  2. Let me try this again! Love the first two, then you had to spoil it with GLEE! Sorry, I TRIED to like that show. Not my thing, ha ha!
    Anyhoo, here is my list:

    Tainted Love-Soft Cell
    Mrs Robinson-Simon and Garfunkel
    Dirty Little Secret-The All American Rejects
    Come to My Window-Melissa Etheridge

    I’ll add your button perhaps at another time. Right now I just changed my blog theme and am starting all over with all of that!

    • Love the list!!!!! I have Tainted Love slotted for another post later 🙂 And Creep that’s a classic, I love that song, I think I will allow it to be stuck in my head all day. Mrs Robinson was such a Gimme, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that…… And I could go on, but I will say YEA! and thank you soooo much for playing! Now you have all week to get ready for the next one 😉 Sorry about Glee, there are just some songs from that show I really love, I only watched the first two seasons, that was season two, and the song really killed two birds so to speak!

  3. I love that you two are doing this. Right now I would have to go with Train, because I have been listening to their latest album on iTunes. The other day it would have been John Lennon and “Whatever Gets You Through The Night”!! But as you can see it changes here daily, too!!

    • Seriously did you watch the SNL with my boyfriend Adam Levine? Because his sing off scene with Train, pretty frickin highsterical! Lucky for you, you can play next week too!

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  5. Okay, I love love love Mix Tape Tuesday. My pick for forbidden love is MmBop by Hansen, only b/c it’s such a goofy song that you’re not supposed to love it, but I can’t help but love that damned song. Put me on a dance floor during a wedding with a beer in my hand and that song on the sound system and I am one happy, drunk wedding guest. 🙂 Oh, and give me a groomsman to make out with, too, b/c when this song was popular, I was single. Haha

    • I love that you love it, because I love it too!!! Feel free to play along ahead of time. If you create a post, I am more than happy to link it to the blog! AND now MmBop is going to be in my head FOR WEEKS! I have that too with One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” I can relate.

  6. I love this idea!
    Probably a bit more unconventional but here’s some of my favorites:
    “Wuthering Heights” – Pat Benetar
    “If I Were a Moose” – Fred Small
    “On My Own” – Les Miserables
    “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” – Jesus Christ Superstar
    “I Think We’re Alone Now” – Tommy James & the Shondells (although I do actually like Tiffany’s version too)

  7. Bittersweet Sympathy – The Verve
    Fake Plastic Tree – Radiohead
    Alison – Elvis Costello
    Come Around – Counting Crows
    Message of Love – The Pretenders

    it’s weird but it works with my kids.

    great subject.

    I run a meme on Tuesday nights called #100wordsong

    I provide a song (or one of our fellow writers picks one) and you give me 100 words inspired by it it any form you wish. I have an ongoing storyline about a grieving father with a teen daughter called Soul To Body. Here’s last week’s:

    • I’ve had Bittersweeet Sympathy on rotation since I read your comment. It’s just one of those songs, so I thought I would share the rest…. I was managing a record store when Radiohead first came out, I seriously did not think they could move and grow past the goofiness that they were…. they did. Alison on my top 10 ever. Counting Crows and I had a bad break-up…. and has Chrissy Hynde ever done anything wrong? Love your list….please keep them coming!

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