In my mind I’m gone to Carolina

 This was a gimme. Finish the Sentence Friday asked about just the easiest question in the world (for me), If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

It would be where my son looked like this.

I look relaxed, like this.

My husband looked like this.


The kids have never been happier, the ocean has never been bluer.

The view off your porch looks like this.


Down the drive looks like this.


A bit down the way, looks like this.

They have one of these.

I won’t let myself forget.

We’ve been visiting since I was 12.

I hope some day our (my and my sister’s) kids can say they “grew up” there.

The people are good people there. And so are the dogs.

The ocean is awesome.

We have a plan.

Everyday as I write my thoughts; I am reminded of where I hope we’ll be someday.



We’re leaving again in 54 days: 11 hours: 50 minutes: and 14…13…12 seconds.

Our yearly pilgrimage to the place in which we dream of making a home. It keeps part of our hearts every-time we leave. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

This is our family anthem:

And if you are a diehard James Taylor fan I’d check this one out:


Finish the Sentence Friday
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Stephanie from Mommy, For Real

Carolina In My Mind – James Taylor: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1


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42 thoughts on “In my mind I’m gone to Carolina

  1. Oh, I’m dying! That looks amazing. I really love all the photos in your posts- it makes it so fun to read! I am really going to stop reading these posts tonight, I am feeling depressed about waking up in Colorado tomorrow and not being on vacation somewhere warm and relaxing. 😦

    • I think I’m gonna hit you for saying you are depressed about waking up in Colorado! Colorado is our #2 300 days of sunshine a year! Try living in Chicago. We have too seasons Winter and BOILING.

  2. Wow…those pictures look amazing! Feel so relaxed after looking at them…thank you for the mini vacation! Need it today – got the flu and feeling like crap. Sounds like a fun adventure is awaiting you. Look forward to reading more about it. 🙂

  3. very nice… (I came here early this morning, my computer must be acting up…if this is a repeat, please delete).
    What I was saying this morning was simply, (one of) the things I get from reading all the different Posts in (a given FTSF) and seeing how people with skills put a spin on the premise and make it look totally inevitable, the ‘why didn’t I thing of that’ effect.
    nice Postation

  4. That’s exactly how I feel about Cape Cod. You had me right up until we hit The Waffle House, then I jumped out of the van screaming and running off into the woods LOL. Every one I have ever been in (different states even) has been gross, from the food to the place itself. I won’t even stop at one to use the bathroom. Ha, no – that’s not why I ran off into the woods! 😉

    • Ha ha ha!!! I actually hated Waffle Houses, but my husband was an over the road truck driver for 15 years. When we adopted my son, we had to drive to Texas, little did I know we would have to stop at EVERY Waffle House on the way. Now, it holds great memories for me. And my husband saying “Waffle Waffle Waffle” )like a turkey every time I see one!

    • We did Marco for a while in between Hilton Head lives, it’s so built up now, but the beach is still beautiful! Oh…the midwest, could you please bring us just a teeny bit of spring?

  5. LOVE Hilton Head!

    Our family goes every other year and we actually do it with our whole extended family! My wish is that my children, too, will feel they “grew up there.” Every other summer we have a delightful week and on the other summers, we dream of Hilton Head Ice Cream Cat cups!

    This summer is happy one! 😉

  6. I have to agree with you about Hilton Head. We stopped there for a day on our way back to Florida and it was lovely! I’d like to go back again someday for longer than a day and I’m jealous that you get to go every year! 😀 I hope your upcoming trip is the best yet!

  7. I do love the east side of North Carolina. And the west side. My sister brags about all her trips to Hilton Head, taunting me with the awesomeness. Must. Go. This. Summer.
    P.s. you suck for putting James Taylor in my head right before bed. Now I have to run through the Greatest Hits album before I can sleep.

  8. We have been dreaming of another place in Carolina – but close 🙂 Charleston, lived there for 10 years then moved to Orlando – never should have done that 🙂 We will get back there one day, though 🙂

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