Her feet pounded on the dry cracked earth. Dust rose like smoke clouds behind her as she ran across the barren expanse of land: A courtyard surrounded by housing for the Military Officers. There were no children playing out in the open; at any moment there could be shells, or gun shots. She got home […]

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In my mind I’m gone to Carolina

 This was a gimme. Finish the Sentence Friday asked about just the easiest question in the world (for me), If you could live anywhere, where would it be? It would be where my son looked like this. I look relaxed, like this. My husband looked like this. The kids have never been happier, the ocean […]

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Seeing my world through the eyes of Instagram

Well, I was going to link up something else, but was so inspired by Rachel’s post at Finding Joy for Friday Favorite Things,  I decided to create my own   Just like Rachel @Finding Joy I love Instagram.  As I have mentioned before I am a frustrated photographer.  Frustrated because I was raised by a photographer […]

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Sticking my hand in the toaster

It’s a rare thing, a minute alone, no less 120! Tonight is one of those beautiful nights Grandma wants to Grandparent, and boy am I thankful!  Lately I’ve been wanting to write, but homeschooling and homemaking tend to get in the way.  And yeah, I’ll admit it, I feel guilty when I tell the boy, […]

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My teeth hurt or What do you do when the gloomies hit you?

My teeth hurt.  My teeth hurt because I am clenching them when I sleep.  I go to bed trying to convince myself not to do it.  Yet I wake up and my teeth just ache.  I know what this is a sign of.  It’s a sign of stress.  Duh.  I know you know that.  I […]