Seeing my world through the eyes of Instagram

Well, I was going to link up something else, but was so inspired by Rachel’s post at Finding Joy for Friday Favorite Things,  I decided to create my own



Just like Rachel @Finding Joy I love Instagram.  As I have mentioned before I am a frustrated photographer.  Frustrated because I was raised by a photographer and studied Black and White photography, in a darkroom with my beloved SLR camera.  Instagram renewed my love for photography by giving me that simple control to create the images so much like what I would have done in the darkroom.  While creating a passion for color photography as well.  I rejoice in creating photos that capture those perfect moments, times I want me and Isaiah to always remember.



This perfect moment.  A spring day.  Our weekly trip to eat turkey burgers and fries at our favorite hot dog joint.  A moment of coolness.


One of the boy’s favorite things, trains.  A visit to the Illinois Railway Museum, a chance to see the best assortment of “ding ding” and signal lights ever.

IMG_1977A visit to the zoo, with his sister-cousin is never boring.  Her creativity is endless.


Catching that perfect moment between cousins (brother and sister in this family of only’s)


The opportunity to see an actual steam powered tractor by visiting the Illinois Farm Show


Packing for our yearly trip to South Carolina.  Someday I think he’ll laugh when he understands all the trouble we went through to fit our lives, for one month, into a car.


The perfect South Carolina afternoon


A day torturing his Poppy on the beach.  These days are too few and far between with such a hard-working poppy.


Sometimes I think this is where he belongs 🙂


This is the angel I know he is.

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