The Competition is on! Bobbing for Apples

We had the best Halloween party ever over the weekend.  My friends said it was like a Pinterest Halloween party.  That made me smile.  I like Pinterest, but I’m not an addict 🙂  We had a lot of fun……But without further ado, I want to show you the piece de resistance;


The stars


starting slow


IMG_1679A look of determination

IMG_1682And It’s on!  The gloves are off!







The kids were soaked!  But they just kept egging each other on!  It was phenomenal!  The kids were so competitive, but in a positive way, they decided they wanted to be timed, and kept shaving seconds off as the apples disappeared.  All fear was gone.  3 seconds was the best time in the end.  I had always figured bobbing for apples was something they did on TV.  Who knew you needed to bring a change of clothes to a Halloween party?  Luckily everyone was about Isaiah’s size.  This was definitely the highlight of the party, and what everyone talked about later.  But wait! There’s more:

DSC_0026Isaiah made Halloween whoopie pies, and as he loves to host, passed them out happily.

DSC_0030Our craft was these little spiders.  Thanks to a post by Boy Mama Teacher Mama

DSC_0018And mama made her own version of scarecrow crunch

4 cups of Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares, 4 cups mini pretzel twists, 1 bag of Angies Carmel Corn (6oz of Carmel Corn, I choose Angies because I don’t want the corn syrup), 1 bag of chocolate goldfish, 1 bag of Brachs Autumn Mix.

Not the healthiest snack, but not the unhealthiest.

All in all it was an awesome party.  Being a homeschooling family in a community with almost no other homeschoolers, our parties mostly include family and good friends with children.  It’s a beautiful feeling of community and the coming together of kids at all different stages in their lives and education.  Everyone had a great time, we even had a “Dance”.  Isaiah’s idea, we had to all get up and dance to thriller.  It was a truly funky time!



5 thoughts on “The Competition is on! Bobbing for Apples

  1. How wonderful! Love that you all had some down-home fun. And there is something to be said about traditional party games, or just traditional games in general! I loved playing Chinese jump rope and jacks! Do kids even play those any more?! Great photos, too!

    • It was really great. I loved doing more “traditional” things, and the kids did too! I have been trying to teach Isaiah how to play jacks. I don’t think his motor skills are there yet, but this week we start a 4 week math block, maybe we’ll try again!

    • It was actually my son’s idea! He has always wanted to do it, and this year, at 7, I finally thought he was ready. He also has always wanted to have a Halloween party. It was so much fun! And truly, so much easier than a birthday party, I will definitely do it again next year! We’ll see where the competition takes us 🙂

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