Mommy Fail Number 235 – Model Car Kit

Mommy Fail Model Car Building With 8 year old

I only go to Michael’s in an emergency; I can’t be trusted.

This time, I put my blinders on to pick out a birthday present for one of Isaiah’s friends. I passed the scrapbook stickers, looked straight ahead as I walked by the colored pencils and didn’t even peak at the already-here-way-to-early Halloween decorations. I was surgical, I found the aisle I needed and tried super hard to focus. Vaguely aware of the fact that the boy had wandered off.

Everyone in the store became aware of it when his gift for projection accompanied, “Mom! Mom! Come here!”

“I’ll be there in a second.” If a second is never, because I’m not gonna just drop everything for the sentence I hear 1 million times a day.

“Mom! Mom! This is the one I want! This is it! Mom! This is it!”

Please. As if that can rip me from this really important decision making; which American Girl knock-off shoes do we want? The fake Uggs? The silver ballet flats? I cannot worry about what the boy has found, that “thing he wants.” Let’s face it, he wants something everywhere we go.

So why did I hear my mouth say yes five minutes later?

I know why I did it. I barely fought it at all. His birthday is around the corner. He let me sell a TON of his toys at garage sale, even more on Ebay. He had been very patient while I pondered fur coat or sweat suit.

When he showed me this Dukes of Hazzard police car, I just said, “Okay.”

dukes of hazzard model car mommy fail

I have a weak spot for The Dukes, and he knows it. So I guess this was really my fault. If we hadn’t named our dogs Roscoe P Coltrane and Daisy this probably never would have happened. But I did. And it did.

The problem is I really didn’t look at the box.

I had misplaced the conversation I had with the guy at Hobby Town last year who told me that these models were for real model enthusiasts. These were not for kids. Not even for kids with parents who would help them. Unless those parents were hard-core model car enthusiasts.

We don’t have one of those in residence.

The parent we have in residence asked me “What I was thinking?” when I got home.

Not at all defensive, I said, “I thought it would be nice for you two to have something to do together.”

And when, after two days of frustration, the model was barely a car yet. And the boy would ask the husband every time we left if he “would work on the car a little while we were out?” I realized it was time to stop caring.dukes of hazzard police car model mommy fail

So I told the husband to stop caring. I told him not to worry that a corner of the directions went mysteriously missing when it may have gotten cemented to the bottom of a box and ripped off while we tried furtively to fix it before said husband found it.

And I told him not to worry that the boy insisted on glueing the wheels on instead of figuring out the right way to put them on the axle.

And so we stopped worrying. And we let the boy put the model together his way. 

model car mommy failThat made him pretty darn happy. The boy, not the husband.

And when he decided to use The Kragle super glue, instead of the non-toxic model cement I bought, I said okay.

And the boy was happy. Once we let go of the reigns that boy worked and worked and worked.8 year old boy building model car

And then it smelled toxic and we opened the windows.

And then he ran up to me while I was cooking dinner and said he had to wash The Kragle off his hands. When I told him it wouldn’t wash off, he covered his fingers in band-aids because – he’s Isaiah.

And then at a crucial moment of dinner preparation he said, “I’m gonna paint it now!” And I said, “Wait for me!” And he said, “Too late!” And my house smelled even more toxic than before. And I ran around opening more windows as fast as I could, hoping dinner wouldn’t burn. And my throat hurt, and the boy started coughing and then he said, “Look mom! Look! Doesn’t it look perfect?”

And then before I could turn around, “Oops! Oh no!”

Yes. You already know don’t you? You’re thinking, “Really Jen? Didn’t you know this would happen.”

Yes my dear friend, I did know something like this would happen. I did. But I made the choice to let him have the fun since the alternative was going to suck for everyone.

And so the boy got model paint all over his favorite pajamas, it even soaked through and has permanently adhered itself to his leg. No amount of soap is going to rid his body of super glue or paint. And since I won’t dip him in a vat of acetone, he’s gonna stay white and crunchy for a while. His only concern is he’s gonna look funny in a bathing suit.

But he sure is proud of his Sheriff Car!

dukes of hazzard model car mommy fail


And I’m thinking it’s not such a Mommy Fail after all.



I originally published this in August, but when I saw the topic for Finish the Sentence Friday was “Whenever I hear the term “Epic Fail” I think of the time I….”

Well this is definitely what I think of! And I am really happy to join one of my best blogging friends again.

Kristi from Finding Ninee hosts this shindig, you should go see her. And check out the faboo co-hosts The Latchkey Mom and April Noelle.

The Competition is on! Bobbing for Apples

We had the best Halloween party ever over the weekend.  My friends said it was like a Pinterest Halloween party.  That made me smile.  I like Pinterest, but I’m not an addict 🙂  We had a lot of fun……But without further ado, I want to show you the piece de resistance;


The stars


starting slow


IMG_1679A look of determination

IMG_1682And It’s on!  The gloves are off!







The kids were soaked!  But they just kept egging each other on!  It was phenomenal!  The kids were so competitive, but in a positive way, they decided they wanted to be timed, and kept shaving seconds off as the apples disappeared.  All fear was gone.  3 seconds was the best time in the end.  I had always figured bobbing for apples was something they did on TV.  Who knew you needed to bring a change of clothes to a Halloween party?  Luckily everyone was about Isaiah’s size.  This was definitely the highlight of the party, and what everyone talked about later.  But wait! There’s more:

DSC_0026Isaiah made Halloween whoopie pies, and as he loves to host, passed them out happily.

DSC_0030Our craft was these little spiders.  Thanks to a post by Boy Mama Teacher Mama

DSC_0018And mama made her own version of scarecrow crunch

4 cups of Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares, 4 cups mini pretzel twists, 1 bag of Angies Carmel Corn (6oz of Carmel Corn, I choose Angies because I don’t want the corn syrup), 1 bag of chocolate goldfish, 1 bag of Brachs Autumn Mix.

Not the healthiest snack, but not the unhealthiest.

All in all it was an awesome party.  Being a homeschooling family in a community with almost no other homeschoolers, our parties mostly include family and good friends with children.  It’s a beautiful feeling of community and the coming together of kids at all different stages in their lives and education.  Everyone had a great time, we even had a “Dance”.  Isaiah’s idea, we had to all get up and dance to thriller.  It was a truly funky time!



Is he knitting yet?

Nope.  He’s not knitting, he’s not reading either.  I started to think about these things on my drive home from dog training class tonight.  The conversation was sparked when I mentioned Isaiah didn’t read, he’s 7.  I explained that we were following the Waldorf ideals in our homeschooling and someone else piped in, “well is he knitting?”  That made me smile.  Somebody knew their Waldorf.  Nope, he’s not knitting.  You see, Isaiah is all boy.  I have often wondered if I would ever teach him to knit, honestly.  I have enough of a problem with it myself, and didn’t know how to pass it on without embracing it. However since denial is often a comfortable place for me, I figured I would start the process, and cross the knitting bridge when we came to it.  So keeping in the tradition of Waldorf, we started from the beginning.  We bought a sheep fleece, I had no idea how to go about doing this, so I googled of course.  I found a very nice sheep farmer who was happy to sell me half a fleece at a very reasonable price since we were using it for homeschooling.  However the idea is for him to actually see where the fleece comes from, and this farm was about 3 1/2 hours from our house, so instead we went to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, which was only 1 1/2 hours away.  This turned out to be a tremendous event!  We had a blast!  I love traveling with Isaiah, we are good companions.  But the event itself was awe-inspiring for both of us!  Living in a relatively urban area, it just felt like we were experiencing “real” America.

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