Raised on the Radio – Cherry Pie and Poison A Recipe for Music Memories


Raised on the Radio is a new series at My Skewed View. As a music lover I have noticed a great difference between those Raised on The Radio, and those who are being raised on streaming music and audio-downloads. As I try to teach my son about the value of musicianship, I find it increasingly difficult to share music with the same feeling of excitement I had hearing a song for the first time on the radio. Hearing your favorite song on the radio was an act of serendipity, and if you needed to hear it that badly, you sat next to the radio all night with your finger on the record button of your cassette player – waiting to capture that perfect moment.  Gone are the days of album rock, this generation will probably never listen to a whole album first song to last, they will never understand B-Sides, they will never stare at an album cover as they listen to the music. This series is dedicated to all of the musicians who had to wait for that radio station to play their song, who had to wait to hear – the long way – if their song or record was #1, who had the pleasure of knowing that every song on their album was heard.

This series will be brought to you through guest posts, because we each seem to have something to share when it comes to our experiences with the radio.

This week our post is from Michael Mele over at The Insane Asylum and The Nerdy Side of Life. When I asked for guest writers for this series he was all about it. He shares some pretty vivid memories, using his own special brand of descriptive writing. Give him a little love over at his blogs when you’re done checking out his post:


“My Music Memories”


Some of the earliest music memories I can recall would have to be from, Bon freaking Jovi, the great band from Jersey. Not only did these guys rock, but we were also from the same state, so it was love from the start.

Growing up I loved these guys, heck I wanted to be these guys, I used to sing into my hairbrush…or um I mean Tonka truck, and pretend to jam out to an arena full of adoring fans and chicks who wanted my body.

I was swiftly brought back to reality when unbeknownst to me my older brother came into the room and started heckling me, embarrassed the heck out of me, and since then I have never partied on again.

I still loved Bon Jovi, but from that point forward I always sung the songs under my breath, and only head-banged when I was securely locked away behind closed doors.

I can also remember my aunt, with her raspy voice from smoking throughout the years, singing “You Give Love a Bad Name” when it came on the radio.

Boy did she sound bad, like a chainsaw on a chalkboard, but it was a lot of fun.



I was just getting into music, and came across the good old BMG/Columbia House ads where you could get a whole bunch of cassettes for only a penny. Needless to say, I took advantage of their kindness…many, many times over.

I always found it funny that they would keep sending all these tapes out to the same address, just under different names, but oh well their stupidity is my gain.

I had an abundance of music and had no idea who was who, so I just sat in my room and listened to the cassettes based on whether or not I liked the cover, because I figured judging a tape by its cover was the way to go.

After listening to some serious crap, and my fingers feeling numb from hitting the stop and play buttons on my cassette player numerous times, I came across a band called Poison and their album “Look What the Cat Dragged In”.

At first glance I thought to myself, hmmm chicks rocking let’s give it a try; it can’t be any worse than the men and all the crap they were spewing.

To my surprise they weren’t chicks at all, they just looked like they were, they were a bunch of party dudes who just wanted to have nothin’ but a good time.

After listening to the whole cassette I was hooked, went back to BMG/Columbia House, created a new alias, and got their other albums.


Back when MTV actually played music videos, there was this one video that used to get my blood pumping…and flowing to a certain area.

This video was Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”, and boy did I want a slice of Bobbie Brown’s after seeing this video… and I’m not talking about the “My Prerogative”, beat up Whitney Houston Bobby Brown either, but rather the hot blonde bombshell who was passed around 80s rock bands like a collection plate at a church.

The first time I saw this video I was wearing sweatpants, and when it was over, I was too embarrassed to stand up, for obvious reasons.

I used to watch MTV all day with the hopes that this video would come on, just so I could have some material for um…my book report for school, yeah that’s it.



My final memory would be sitting in front of the radio, with one finger on the play button and the other on record, waiting for a song I liked to be played.

Without fail, as soon as a song came on that I wanted to record, someone would come in the room and start talking up a storm.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I listened to songs and didn’t know if what I was hearing were actually lyrics or just one of my family members talking in the background.

Needless to say it was very frustrating, but looking back at it; I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.



Michael J Mele is a Professional blogger by day…asleep by night… He’s got my vote because he likes Star Trek and Star Wars equally. Nuff said. Oh wait- fine, there’s more: He enjoys making people laugh and engaging in conversations/debates that might get him shot if you’re packing. His blogs are a collection of short stories, random thoughts and other forms of various insanities.
Besides his obvious love for video games, he writes about pretty much anything and everything, there is no method to his madness. He has a really off-the-wall sense of humor, which is not for everyone and will probably one day get him thrown into an insane asylum, but for now he’s enjoying it for what it’s worth.

Find the connections to his blog and all his social media over at MJM Home.


As always, please feel free to contact me about posting for Raised on the Radio, and go hug an album today.


16 thoughts on “Raised on the Radio – Cherry Pie and Poison A Recipe for Music Memories

  1. I so did that will one finger on play and the other on record waiting for a song that I liked to be played and to record on the radio. Great memories for sure and huge Bon Jovi and Warrant fan, so you totally have me reliving days gone by with this one!!

  2. @Considerer thank you very much, it was really nice of Jen to invite me over to play…she rocks.

    Columbia House and BMG were the shiz back in the day, such a great way to get so much music for basically nothing.

  3. @Janine Huldie trying to record songs from the radio back then was such a hassle, but boy it was so much fun. Such great memories.

    Bon Jovi freaking rocks…totally the best band…like ever!

  4. MJ, I love Poison and Warrant. Too bad Jani Lane kicked the bucket in 2011 – with all the big hair bands touring again, I would have LOVED to see a Warrant tour. 😦 Oh well, there’s always YouTube. 😀

    Jen, thanks for letting MJ out of the cage long enough to write a great post! 😀

  5. @Terrye I was big into the 80s hair bands, I rocked it like a hurricane on more than one occasion. I even sported the mullet and the jean jacket, I kept it real…real lame that is.

    Warrant was one of my favorites too, but just like many of the other 80s bands they self-destructed, but thankfully left some good tunes before they departed.

    Jani couldn’t take not being in the spotlight anymore, so he turned to drugs and they killed him dead, just another typical Hollywood ending.

  6. It’s our beloved MJ, over here at Jen’s place! How awesome is that? Two of my BFFs in ONE PLACE? Awesome. MJ, sorry your brother made fun of you for being a dork singing into the hairbrush. He obviously has no sense of what it means to have fun, or be cool. Because I totally stood singing in a hairbrush. Luckily, my brothers never caught me. And oh, gosh, MTV. I remember when they used to just play music videos all day. Those were some most excellent times. Thanks for the fun look into your past, sweets!

  7. First to Jen – thank you for this series. You are so right that kids won’t ever fully understand the lusciousness that was waiting all night hoping that they would play that one song so you could record it.

    To Michael – I love that your first three are hair metal bands. FTW! Those guys changed radio, I think, because suddenly it was cool for girls to like heavy guitar rock and scream it out at the arena tours. We could roll around with our windows down, bass turned up and swinging our hair everywhere. Thanks for that trip down memory lane!

  8. @Kristi we were going to call you to come and hang out but we heard that you don’t like music…it wasn’t me, it was all Jen…just so you know.

    My brothers were big meanies…always giving me a hard time for letting my fem flag fly high.

    Yeah…MTV and videos…yuppers those were the days.

  9. I love the idea of this blog series and I love this post! Bon Jovi fan from way back (but I came online to paying attention to music at New Jersey – so this was the album the “older kids” knew about) As for Warrant – also didn’t catch them on the first round and have to admit my association with this song is from the movie Bring it On (2000) when they use it for a clip in the cheerleader tryout montage. Now that I’ve seen the original video – I think the Bring it On bit is actually a bit MORE funny…

  10. I want to comment on the music, but….you kept getting music for a penny under different names? That is so evil and so awesome at the same time. No wonder they don’t do that anymore without a credit card. I think it’s entirely your fault. 😉

  11. @Louise all of Bon Jovi’s albums are great, including the ones before New Jersey…I know they’re for older people, but you should really check them out.

    Bring it On…they used a Warrant song…how dare they. They just got served.

  12. @Tracy I was young…young and crooked.

    I was really a good kid though, well except for stealing all the music from BMG/Columbia House. You are right, it is my fault they don’t do it anymore…I’m a bad seed!

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