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Twisted MixTape 31 (Whoa! #31 is the Halloween Mixtape!)

scary |ˈske(ə)rē| adjective ( scarier , scariest ) informal frightening; causing fear: a scary movie. • uncannily striking or surprising: it was scary the way they bonded with each other.   This week’s topic for our Halloween Mixtape is Scary songs. You may take full liberty with this topic my friends. Scary because of the

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Snickers Melt in Your Mouth and Then Kill You

  Imagine this scene: Little kid sweet voice, expectant, happy: Trick or treat! Evil mother of kid: Sorry you can’t have that buddy, or that, or… well, maybe at the next house!   This is the life of a child with life threatening food allergies at Halloween. Once our parents worried about razor blades in

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The Competition is on! Bobbing for Apples

We had the best Halloween party ever over the weekend.  My friends said it was like a Pinterest Halloween party.  That made me smile.  I like Pinterest, but I’m not an addict 🙂  We had a lot of fun……But without further ado, I want to show you the piece de resistance; The stars starting slow

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