Twisted MixTape 31 (Whoa! #31 is the Halloween Mixtape!)

mixtape halloween jenkehl 200scary |ˈske(ə)rē|

adjective ( scarier , scariest ) informal

frightening; causing fear: a scary movie.

• uncannily striking or surprising: it was scary the way they bonded with each other.


This week’s topic for our Halloween Mixtape is Scary songs. You may take full liberty with this topic my friends. Scary because of the content? The appearance of the performer? Or the song is just that darn bad. Maybe you have some definition I haven’t thought of yet. Get on it. I wanna know why those songs scare you!

In the olden days, whenever I made someone a mixtape I always made liner notes. I also tried to include some image that was appropriate, or maybe just interesting. I figured in honor of this eclectic mix

liner notes 1

I clearly need to clarify based on the comments I have already received. The following pictures are not of me, for one, I only wish I was 6 in 1986! But more to the point I have my REAL LIFE Best Friend to thank for these photos. Her parents did this to her, and she was kind enough to share, anonymously. Because frankly. This is about as scary as it gets. If you lived in Detroit circa 1986 apparently this was an acceptable costume.

Michael Jackson Before


And then the reality of the giant mistake her (not mine) parents were making sets in.


Michael Jackson After


In honor of her humiliation, and her allowing me to force her to re-live her horrible memories. Part one of our Thriller bookends.

Thriller – Michael Jackson


Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks


Shriekback – Nemesis


Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill – brrrrrrrr


Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs


queen of the universe

I’m so glad I run this show, AND am the queen of the universe, because this is TOTALLY cheating. But WHO CARES??!!!! It’s HALLOWEEN!

Thriller/Heads Will Roll – GLEE SOUNDTRACK!!! HA! and some enterprising little chickie pie mixed in The Nightmare Before Christmas! Awesome video if I do say so myself.




Being the music geek I am I just couldn’t let this one go. I needed to research the song of my nightmares, Seasons in the Sun. Guess what? It’s actually a tongue in cheek song about a wife committing adultery and him leaving, maybe dying, but basically saying ha ha! I’m going to die before you and get to heaven and tell on you!
Why Terry Jacks felt the need to re-make the song, change they lyrics and scare the crap out of a bunch of kids me in the early 70’s I will never know.

*And as promised:

“parthenogenesis |ˌpärTHənōˈjenəsis|
reproduction from an ovum without fertilization, esp. as a normal process in some invertebrates and lower plants. – You’re Welcome.


Thank you for listening, now share your MixTape with all of us. The best part of this party is we get to hear so much music that may be new, may be forgotten or may be just what you wanted to hear right now.

These are the rules. Five songs (give or take). Stick to the theme (as best you can). Check out the other players (everyone wants to share their tunes with you). Create a mix, not a “hey look at all the cool songs I know” we’re not snobs, if you were our best bud and you were gonna make us a tape, what would it be? And share this party so more people will play next week!

Do me a favor, if you’re a veteran, try and visit at least one person you’ve never visited before.



And now, The List of all Lists

November 5- Free for all!
November 12 – Song’s that tell a story. These can be epics or not. Just a story. You know, just not la la la I love you or I hate you or whatever….
November 19 – Cheating Songs
November 26 – I know it’s gonna be hard, with Thanksgiving and all, but this is a really fun topic suggested by my favorite mixer-uper, literally, she’s always mixing up the topic. Kerri from Undiagnosed but Okay. She said,  how about a “this song could’ve sent me to jail?” I was intrigued, but needed more. Hmmm let’s see the Doors come on baby get higher 🙂 Or Carrie Underwood doing a little grand larceny beating up her boyfriends truck? Blondie gets arrested after seeing Aliens in Rapture Or even to be funnier: Joe Cocker you can leave your hat on, so if I left just my hat on I would be arrested for indecent exposure. Trust me it wouldn’t be pretty! – Now I get it!
December 3 – It is officially OK to be listening to Christmas Music now! Bring it on! Maybe we’ll find some new favorite Christmas tunes for our holiday playlists!


Once it is officially Tuesday, Wrong Song Lyrics goes live over at Raised on the Radio. If you haven’t visited my sister site that is a collaboration with Linda Roy and Lance Burson, what are you waiting for? Also! If you haven’t contributed your Wrong Song Lyrics what are you waiting for? Click here, it’ll take 3 minutes top! And your blog will get a shout out too!






30 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape 31 (Whoa! #31 is the Halloween Mixtape!)

  1. If I was going to post something really scary, I would probably find an old Anita Bryant song or Kate Smith singing on Ed Sullivan video!! (Ooooph! I get the shakes just thinking of them!) But seriously, Terry Jacks???? Still, you are the queen so we have to bow to your ultimate wisdom. (Where’s the bromo fizzies???) lol Nice job!

  2. omg – your friend’s parents are lucky there was no twitter back in the day. Oh my my.
    Now. Seasons In the Sun – no shit! I never knew that! That’s a great story. My sister played that dang record into the ground. Holy moly. And it always creeped me out, depressed me…just why was this song in existence, right? But now that I know it was funny – I love that. I still don’t want to hear it, but it’ll give me a chuckle now. Great pic of you Queen of the Universe! 🙂

  3. First off – I have now come across three Yeah Yeah Yeah songs (this is the 3rd – didn’t realize this was them) and I’ve decided I like ’em. It takes me a while to commit – so this is a big moment.

    The Nemesis song was another one of those “Oh! That song!” moments for me – so, again, I am now smarter because of this hop. I have so much clever pub chat as a result of doing this hop. Now if only I could make it out to a pub….

    Enjoyed the list – and looking forward to seeing what people do with the theme this week!

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  5. You make a great pirate (even with Crazy eyes!)

    I really hate Halloween, it’s my least favorite holiday, but I know I’m going to like reading these posts, I’ll make a list of songs to never listen to again. 😉

    and I was going to pick Thriller but DUH, everyone is going to pick that. 😉

    Seasons is totally creepy, I never liked that song.

    and your friend’s parents? I hope they have apologized to her. 😉

  6. I looked at yours and dream of white rooms lists before doing mine. Had I not, I would’ve listed YYYs Heads Will Roll. Karen’s vocal is scary ass great on that.

    Good choices. Hope you and the little have a Happy Halloween

  7. I’m working on my mixtape now, however, I had to comment on Seasons in the Sun. My father’s name is Terry, and my middle name is Michelle. He died when I was like 2 or 3 so I really have no recollection of him. I don’t know what possessed my mom to buy the piano sheet music to this song, except that she said it always made her think of me….

    I love Thriller!

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  10. Great mix…love the YeahYeahYeahs song….and songs new to me! LP and I have been hysterical over those pictures for close to 24 hours lol.
    I am right there with you on thriller ..I’m guessing we are the same age.

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  12. OMG, Jen, your friend’s parents!! It’s one of those so-innocently-wrong-that-you-cannot-stop-laughing moments! But you can’t fault them for being MJ fans and wanting to show it. He rocked!!

  13. I almost spit my soda out all over my laptop when I saw that photo of your friend. And Seasons in the Sun always sounded like the song that was playing in the background of a movie like The Bad Seed – seemingly innocent but really the devil.

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  15. So sorry for accidentally F-bombing your little kid! I have added a disclaimer by the description now. Although I love kids and I work with them, I don’t have any of my own yet, so I sometimes forget that other people don’t have the luxury of listening to anything they want without worrying that their kids will start belting the song out at Grandma’s house during Thanksgiving dinner or something. 🙂

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  17. I remember waiting anxiously to see the Thriller video premiere. It seems like another life…I, too, was not six and I definitely was not in Detroit thank goodness! I don’t remember seeing any costumes like that, but I may have been in the “too cool to trick-or-treat” phase of life. I had Kate Bush on my unedited list,but these three: Waking the Witch, Jig of Life, or Under Ice. My girls picked Under Ice. I was obsessed with that woman at one point (scary…the obsession, not her). Happy Halloween and thanks for the kind welcome back!

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