Twisted MixTape – Last Dance

Well folks, this is it. The band is packing up, the punch bowl is empty and the balloons are swimming on the dance floor. This is the last Twisted MixTape Tuesday for a while, and I'm feeling nostalgic already. This week's theme is Missing You or Farewell.  I will be missing all of you these … Continue reading Twisted MixTape – Last Dance

Twisted MixTape 31 (Whoa! #31 is the Halloween Mixtape!)

scary |ˈske(ə)rē| adjective ( scarier , scariest ) informal frightening; causing fear: a scary movie. • uncannily striking or surprising: it was scary the way they bonded with each other.   This week's topic for our Halloween Mixtape is Scary songs. You may take full liberty with this topic my friends. Scary because of the … Continue reading Twisted MixTape 31 (Whoa! #31 is the Halloween Mixtape!)