Twisted MixTape – Last Dance

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Well folks, this is it. The band is packing up, the punch bowl is empty and the balloons are swimming on the dance floor.

This is the last Twisted MixTape Tuesday for a while, and I’m feeling nostalgic already.

This week’s theme is Missing You or Farewell.Β 

I will be missing all of you these next few months so please join our Facebook Group so we can all stay in touch, and please feel free to link any of your music posts up there.

I think we have created the most amazing place I have found in the blogosphere yet. We’ve become friends with people we never would have met through any other forum. We’ve helped each other out, we’ve been a safe place to share the innermost workings of our soul. We’ve been a break from real life, from stress, from worries.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name – Gary Portnoy

I have met so many different people through blogging, and I really have enjoyed them all. But you guys, you know how I feel about you, don’t you? This place we’ve created, well….it’s so much more.

In My Life – The Beatles

And you know, even though we won’t be together every week. I’ll still be here if you need me.

You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor

You guys will always be a part of my heart. For real. I hope you think of me and remember all of the good times we had together.

Tangerine – Led Zeppelin

Keep smiling, farewell doesn’t have to be so sad.

So Long Farewell

This is not Goodbye forever, it is just a farewell for now. We’ll be back together just like the good old days, so stick that notebook in your bag, or create that list on your smart phone, and keep those ideas for mixes growing!

Never Can Say Goodbye – Jackson 5

Please link up with us this week! I will miss you so, and can’t wait to see what you have created. There is so much music to be shared, and I look forward to hear what you have to add to my songs saying goodbye. But not forever.

21 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape – Last Dance

  1. Ah! I know I wasn’t doing it weekly by the end, but I am so going to miss your blog hop! I love your choices for the week – I almost posted the Sound of Music one myself πŸ™‚ And I love that Beatles song. Such a great end post for what’s been such a wonderful addition to the blogosphere. I know it’s just a break – but we’ll miss it! Good luck with your new projects!

  2. I really can’t thank you enough for creating this blog & making me feel so welcome. I’ve enjoyed listening to everyone’s mixes. It was so great to have a blog hop that focused on one of my most favorite things. I wish you the best of luck & I look forward to see what you have in store next!

    • Thank you so much Bianca, I have felt so blessed to have so many wonderful people be a part of this. I hope you will join me when I come back with a monthly hop, I would certainly miss you!

  3. Okay, ditto Bianca and Janine. I almost thought about skipping because I hate goodbyes but I forced myself to step up and not be a loser. Loved being a part of this and meeting all the others who love it too. Thanks Jen! Looking forward to Mix-Tape’s return (in the fall, right? πŸ˜‰ )

  4. Okay, Jen. Here are five songs that make me cry because they remind me of farewells. 1) Il Volo by Zucchero, 2) Brokedown Palace by Grateful Dead, 3) The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra, 4) The First Cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow, and 5) Che gelida manina by Puccini from the opera La Boheme. Here’s Pavarotti singing the last:

  5. I love this post. πŸ™‚ So many good songs, though I’m personally partial to the Jackson 5. What can I say? πŸ™‚

  6. In My Life! That’s my 15-yo’s lullaby. I love your Season Finale list, but I gotta tell you…I’m going to be singing So Long, Farewell for the rest of the day. It’s quite the ear worm. Thanks for the amazing trip, that Twisted Mix Tape has been thus far, Jen. Enjoy the much-deserved break. πŸ™‚

  7. Funny. The title of my post is based off the same Sound of Music song, which I actually considered adding to my mixtape, too. I will miss this, Jen, so I hope you don’t keep the mixtape away too long. Thanks for the good tunes and the good times.

  8. I didn’t get to link up every week but when I did, I loved it so much. Music is the glue πŸ™‚ I do hope this hop returns one of these days and until then, I hope to see you around and will definitely be keeping up with Isaiah! Thanks, Jen!

  9. see?!? that’s the thing about this bloghop!… I included a Zeppelin song (well, duh, music blog) but I went with a different one, but the cool thing is I like your choice and it’s been a while since that particular tune turned up on my ears! Most of the TMTTs that I’ve been a part of have had that benefit.
    it will be missed, but thank you for the times

  10. Great song picks! I always loved the show Cheers when I was a kid, but I never knew all of the lyrics except for the refrain… they are kinda weird! And the Beatles one has been one of my favorites forever! I can’t wait for the monthly version to start. This has been a lot of fun!

  11. Amazing list of songs, Jen. Who can top The Beatles, The Jackson 5, Zepplin, and the theme song from “Cheers”?? I love this hop, even the weeks I forgot to link up or life got all crazy and I didn’t know if my days were Tuesday or Sunday. I love music, and I have learned so much from this hop. I have listened to artist I never heard of. That’s thanks to Lance, Linda, and Kat too. I love that you followed the Grateful Dead!!! The themes were great. Music can portray feelings when we just can’t seem to get the words out. This makes me so sad, though I understand why you need to focus on other parts of your life. I do hope this isn’t goodbye forever and that soon I will notice I’ve had a mention on Twitter that I overlooked for weeks, and it’s be from you, naming the theme. Hugs!!!

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