Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday 5

Lucky 5! It’s Lucky 5! Hey, is your favorite number 5? Cause my favorite number is 5 baby. What’s your sign?

This week’s mix-tape is all about stalkers. Hope I’m not offending anyone out there. Eh. Whatever. Stalker songs are funny. Stalkers are not. We all know that right? And – you know, if you’ve ever been a stalker, well, sorry? If it’s the details you want, I’m pretty sure you should go over to Kristi’s blog and read her post, cause she tells funny stories, does silly drawrings and everything.

Welcome to Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday. (I kinda hear that announcer from the Monster Truck Rally yelling,”Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” when I think those words in my head.) This past week, I’ve given a lot of thought to how I would feel if I saw this really awesome post somewhere and couldn’t listen to all the amazing, mind-blowing songs. So, I’ve come up with a really great solution: Bookmark it, share it on facebook, tweet it, copy and paste the URL into an email, write it on your hand. You know, just some little ole’ thing to remind yourself? I love listening to music, and have loved every minute of hearing the songs you guys have shared. Keep it coming! And please! Don’t over-think it. Stick to the topic or create your own version of it, just play! Kristi over at Finding Ninee My Co-Hostess with the Mostess (like you’ve never heard that one) writes a great story and doesn’t follow the 5 song rule, cause rules are made to be broken, right? I only highlighted it just incase you were one of those people who can’t live without parameters. Just saying. Enough! Have fun and play yo’ tape!  

Next weeks theme will be Summer Vacation or Summer Time or Vacation any of those versions will do me just fine. If you read my In My Mind I’ve Gone to Carolina post, you would know that the countdown is on to mine. So let’s get ready for the warm weather folks! Woo hoo! (Sorry if you live in the South you must think I’m crazy. We have this thing called W-I-N-T-E-R here, it lasts until June 1.)

And now, without further ado:

You’re a Stalker, You Know You’re a Stalker, I Know You’re a Stalker, The Jig is Up


OK this is a classic. Ironically as I was discussing this song with my sister, she mentioned to me that she had no idea the words I described, were the actual words of the song. I had to play it 500 times over and over until she heard it, it hasn’t escaped me that she may have just agreed under duress. This is typical for her, not the bending to my will part. The not knowing the lyrics. I know this is quite typical, but in her its “special.” If you have some wild lyrics to share, do tell.


This one is also a Classic (pretty much everything cool in this house is A Classic). AND It is awesomely frightening in a Children’s sort of way. Just to add a little perspective, this is the same band that sang Wooly Bully, and with Betty Boop? You can thank me later.


Come on, who doesn’t love a little Tony Orlando and Dawn (who I always thought was one person). I even taught the 7yo the words. That’s when it hit me. It’s a stalker song. I forgive you Tony. The actual video is attached, because everyone needs a reminder of why the 70’s were so smoooth. However I could not resist attaching a serious animation video at the bottom, I can’t tell if I love that video, or if it is crazy making?


OK so you can rail me for my love of Hall & Oates, but you know what. Genius. Really. Some of their lesser known songs are just as good as the top 40 ones. This was a classic; rocking the airwaves in 1981. Want to see why they were genius? Watch “Daryl’s House,”  link to a video from the show below.


I have a sneaking suspicion this one will be on everyone’s list. Cause you know, when you think stalker songs…


As always, thanks for playing! And if you create your own post, I will link it up here! Brought to you by the awesomeness that is:


Click this link to get to Kristi’s post because I am having issues and cannot figure out how to make her picture do it. There, I said it.

And Better Late Then Stalker; look who’s joining the party!

Mod Mom with her post Stalk Market Trading and The Wakefield Doc with his own special Personality Theory of Stalkerdom

Please visit our awesome contributors and keep posting your thoughts! We love MIX-TAPES!


And this is why you should watch Daryl’s House, Booker T on  keyboards, WHAT?!

This is the crazy animation video of Knock Three Times


Gotta Have it Now? Click these links to go straight to iTunes:

The Rapper (Re-recorded Version) – 70’s Dance Party (Re-recorded Version)
Lil’ Red Riding Hood – 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
Knock Three Times – Tony Orlando & Dawn: The Definitive Collection
Private Eyes – The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered)
Every Breath You Take – Synchronicity (Remastered)

23 thoughts on “Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday 5

  1. My Stalker Music List

    1) Every Breath You Take-The POlice
    (WHich stalker countdown is not complete without this?)
    2) Hello-LIonel Ritchie
    (Listen to the lyrics-stalkery creepy)
    3) Creep-Radiohead
    (There’s a reason the song is called creep,you know!)
    4) I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You-Savage Garden
    (Because I was lookin through your window with binoculars…)
    5) POssession-Sarah Mclachlan

    • You know why your posts are so great? Because we have really similar tastes in music for the most part, and then some really different ones. I know Savage Garden should have been a natural for me, but I was bitter when Jerry died. I will check it out! Thanks for hooking always playing along!

  2. Here is irony for you. I was driving back from dropping Emma off at pre-school late last week and at the end of the song by Sting, “Every Breath You Take,” the DJ actually started taking about how Sting recently admitted this song was about stalking. I mean somewhere deep down I knew it, but to hear it so blatantly was rather interesting to me. And then here you are posting about it only a few days later. Just found that so intriguing and had to share!!

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  4. Love me some Tony Orlando and Dawn! I always thought it was weird that two women are called “Dawn” – like they are one entity. Creepy. Anyway, the only song I can add is “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell. And one of these days I’m gonna play along with you!

  5. Knock Three Times is one of my favorites. I can remember watching them on TV as a kid. I’m not sure I have any stalker songs, per se, but I have been stalked with country songs – Kenny Chesney’s “You had me at hello” (gag), Alan Jackson’s “Pop a top again” (weird, I know), and Wynona’s “My Strongest Weakness” (I still can’t bear to listen to that one). What can I say? I live in Texas.

    • Miss ~ I am so not up on Country unless it’s Johnny Cash or Lyle Lovett, can’t wait to check out your nightmare! Now who did the stalking and does he know about your blog?

  6. Er, that’s three different guys. Is that bad? And all three of them are probably either getting drunk on their lunch hour or at home because they don’t have jobs. Eh.

  7. Oh, man, did I love Tony Orlando and Dawn when I was a kid! But, question: Were they both named “Dawn”? I never really understood that? You really rocked the stalker theme. There’s no way I would have come up with this many songs. My hat’s off to you (or should I say my “spy glasses”).

    • Linda ~ I know, that video was delightfully creepy. I thought of showing my son – but odd things still scare him. Figured I wouldn’t chance it, but was thrilled to find it! So so jealous of you being front row anywhere! But to Hall & Oates and Til Tuesday?? Very jel.

  8. Oh – I totally forgot to mention – the number 5 thing!! That is my number. I”m not kidding. 5 has always been my lucky and most recurring number, locker #5, size 5, (well…maybe not right now…), #5 on the baseball team…5 feet tall. 5 and 15. I’ve got 5’s all over my house too. Hi 5 sista!

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