Twisted MixTape 39 – Looking Back on 2013

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Happy New Year Everyone!

This week it’s easy, play or hang out, whatever you like.

Share with us your favorite MixTape from the last year. Personally I can’t believe this is already #39, so I’m going to share the very first Mix Tape I ever made. Before I had a linky, before I had so many new friends! Thank you all for such a great year, and I am looking forward to swapping MixTapes in the New Year! (Also we have a great Old School Disco New Year’s Mix over at Raised on the Radio today!)

And this is how it went – 39 weeks ago today:

Twisted Mix-Tape? WHAT??!!! This is what. Me and music, we go hand in hand. I carry earbuds with me everywhere I go. My favorite thing to do is tune everyone out at grocery while I jam to Casino Royale (not the new one, yuck, the original soundtrack masterfully created by Burt Bacharach) you do not know what you are missing if you have never jammed to Casino Royale.

In the words of Stevie Wonder “Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.” Well, I understand it. I think I understand music better than I understand people. “Soylent Green is People!” Sorry, my brain leaked. I am sure I am not alone. When I am not thinking in Woody Allen, I am thinking in song. Frankly I think my true lost calling was Soundtrack Maker Music Director for Films. For real, I’ll be driving down the street, and I think “If this was a movie this song would be playing right now.”

But guess what??? By the power invested in me by me, I can be Music Director of My Skewed View! Woo hoo! And so I have created Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday.

Now, in the words of my boyfriend, John Cusack, disguised as Rob from High-Fidelity (a book and movie of which, I was not a great fan, too much “oh poor me”, yet full of great lines):

“Now, the making of a good compilation tape is a very subtle art. Many do’s and don’ts. First of all you’re using someone else’s poetry to express how you feel. This is a delicate thing.”

I get it John Rob, I get it and I honor it. So from now, until the foreseeable future, you will find Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday here at My Skewed View. I invite you all to join in. Each week we (as in you and I because I know you will feel an undeniable need to join me) will be creating a mix based on a different topic emotion. My plan is to keep the list to 5 songs; as hard as that may be. Just incase you’re a music geek like me, and want to prepare. I would love for you to share your choices in the comments, surprise me, enlighten me, shock me! Next week’s topic will be Forbidden Love.

Because I am on a “John Cusack played a depressed but musically knowledgeable role in High Fidelity kick;” this week, I’d like to start off with a list called:

Why you have to play me like this?

Aimee Mann “That’s Just What You Are”


Rick Springfield “I’ve Done Everything For You”


The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Wait Until Tomorrow”


Cake “Never There”


The Beatles “I’m So Tired”


casino royale

Here’s a freebie for those of you who have not ever heard this gem from Casino Royale, and if you’ve got nothing better to do; you’re in for a real treat. It’s the whole album!


Thank you for playing,

Feel free to sing it to me!

And now the list of all lists!

January 7 – As everyone is looking forward to a New Year and talking about resolutions, this week’s them will be Past Mistakes (not necessarily love related)
January 14 – Let’s stick with the New Year’s Theme – The best new song’s you’ve heard this past year. Can be oldies or new songs, either way they are new to you!
January 21 – Favorite Dance or Club Music. This list was suggested by our own Kir from Kir’s Corner. Her younger brother suddenly passed away last week, but through this tragedy she has a bright spot in her heart. Her brother was a DJ and loved great Dance music. Don’t feel sad, this is to celebrate his life! In her words I know that he would love it, he loved music, he loved people dancing and enjoying themselves. 


If you’re still here, thanks! I would love it if you checked out my site, Raised on the Radio we’ve got everything from posts about your favorite artists, to reviews to awesome playlists. It’s a collaborative effort that includes Linda of Elleroy Was Here and Lance of My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. We are always looking for guest posts, and your Wrong Song Lyrics. So head on over!

17 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape 39 – Looking Back on 2013

  1. I loved going back to that very first week here again today and will say again so many great here and still Rick Springfield is up there as a favorite. And anything by the Beatles is truly awesome. Happy New Year, Jen to you and your family!! 🙂

    • Lizzi, I am so happy we met, and YEA I love that you still love Cake! I want to put them on so many mixes, but that would be lame. But trust me, at home, they are on almost every single one!

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  3. It’s so cool to see how much Twisted Mix Tape has grown…and I love being able to say that I was around to see the first one! I learn so much through Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday…my musical tastes don’t go much beyond what is popular right now on the radio (and of course, 80’s music), so it’s always great to see what you guys put out there. Awesome job, and congrats on how much it’s grown!!

  4. Hey Jen

    stopping by to wish you and ever one at the TMTT and My Skewed View from all of us at the Wakefield Doctrine a ridiculously good 2014

    (should be back hooking up on the TMTT once I get into the new year )

  5. Of course the Beatles one is my favorite… I forgot all about that song! When I heard the title I was thinking of the song, “So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for youuuuu” but I was like, “That’s not the Beatles, is it?”

  6. I feel like the biggest dick in the world that I did not combine music in my post… but typing w one hand SUCKS!!!! Happy NY to you, my beloved friend!!! May 2014 be amazing for you!!! TTTx10!!!

  7. I remember that very first post! I may only participate sporadically, but I read every week. I’m so glad this series has been such a success, Jen – and so glad that you were one of my first bloggy friends. Happy new year!

  8. If we could make a Twisted Mix Tape for all the awesome Beatles songs that aren’t as mainstream, that one would have to go on it. We could probably make a couple of volumes on that theme.

    I’ve done this only once, but in my mind, it makes me part of this awesome kickass project. Thanks Jen.

    • You know I can’t remember if I had it or thought it Eli. It was a B-Sides playlist…. I have to go back and see. Basically the lesser known songs from artists you love. If I haven’t I will, and then you have to play 😉

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