Twisted MixTape 38 – A Capella Christmas Music Playlist

This a repost of a Twisted Mixtape from last year. It features some great A Capella music along with some wonderful mixtapes from some old friends!

Later on we’ll transpire, as we dream by the fire……

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Psych! this week’s theme is Dealer’s Choice, but apparently not everyone is a gambler, what?! It’s not just that, I’m confused, isn’t that a saying? Doesn’t everyone say it? “It’s dealer’s choice folks!” – No? Hmmm…….

Well what I meant to say is – You Choose The Theme! – yes folks you’re the dealer and it’s your choice! So have at it, do what you will, we reserve the right to ….. like it anyway? Yup. Like it anyway!

Unfortunately for you (maybe) I listen to Christmas music from the middle of November to roughly Valentine’s Day. Sue me, I have seasonal affective disorder, and if you don’t want me to go postal, I need me my Christmas music.  So you’re getting another Christmas playlist! How happy are you!!! I know, I know, you can thank me later.

Believe it or not, I only have 552 holiday genre songs on my iTunes, which is definitely not enough to get me through 3 months. Enter Pandora, lately I find myself relying heavily on them for music. I’ve just gotten sooooo tired of organizing my iTunes into new playlists when the mix gets boring. Now Pandora does it for me, and then I just abandon stations when I get bored. So I have 7 Pandora Christmas Playlists, I have always loved The Swingle Singers, but thanks to the show The Sing Off, A Capella music is getting a serious booster shot! One of my new favorite new Pandora lists is the one I built on the vocal group, Straight No Chaser…


An A Capella Christmas Music Playlist


“Heard this same song twenty times this year and it’s only Halloween”
The Christmas Can Can – Straight No Chaser


Pure Imagination/White Christmas – The Blenders


Jingle Bells – Straight No Chaser


Santa Claus is Coming to Town – The Blenders (sorry to duplicate it’s just that good)


Auld Lang Syne – Street Corner Symphony


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Take 6


As I mentioned last week, each week through January, I am going to showcase a blogger who is a friend to Twisted MixTape by doing their best to stop by all the mixes and say hello.

This week’s featured blogger is Natalie from The Cat Lady Sings, go check her out. I promise you won’t be sorry! You can also follow her on twitter @singingfool1224 and Facebook at The Cat Lady Sings

Badge photo 219f879f-9279-431c-889b-96d02fafe51c_zpsd68ffa99.jpg
Thank you for listening! Now share your MixTape with all of us. The best part of this party is we get to hear so much music that may be new, may be forgotten or may be just what you wanted to hear right now.

These are the rules. Five songs (do your best to stick to it, I listen to every mix). Stick to the theme (as best you can). Check out the other players (everyone wants to share their tunes with you). Create a mix, not a “hey look at all the cool songs I know” we’re not snobs, if you were our best bud and you were gonna make us a tape, what would it be? And share this party so more people will play next week!

Do me a favor, if you’re a veteran, try and visit at least one person you’ve never visited before.



If you’re still here, thanks! I would love it if you checked out my site, Raised on the Radio.




21 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape 38 – A Capella Christmas Music Playlist

  1. I seriously love how you listen to Christmas music from November to Valentine’s Day and totally put a smile on my face, because I know I would get ripped on if I did in my house, but just love that you do and to ally wish I could live through you not his one. Perfect dealer’s choice and am enjoying the a cappella versions of these classics. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  2. Wow! I just read your schedule and I realize we’re a week out from Christmas! Eek! And Yay! Kind of equally.

    Love a capella mix you gave. I watched the Christmas Can Can a few weeks ago when you referenced it somewhere else – very fun! And great mix over all! Merry Christmas!

  3. This has been a tough year for the Christmas music in my house…the children are rebelling, my son keeps changing it to Mumford & Sons and laughing while doing it! I’ll get them back on the 6hr drive to the grandparents and I’m going to try out Pandora – I never use it but based on your playlist it sounds like I should!

  4. I am the same way with Christmas music. It gets me through the stress part of the holidays, as well as the SAD. Whatever works, right? I absolutely love this list! It combines the excitement of the season with the excitement of seeing “The Sing Off” come back. 🙂 Also, I saw Straight No Chaser live last December and they were fantastic! Very fun.

  5. Ohh you already know I LOVE me some acapella Christmas music. I’m loving these tunes, and as a new Pandora user, I’m happy to see some of the same songs on my “thumbs up” lists.

  6. The ability to sing without music is an amazing talent. Those voices on each song are terrific. It may not be my thing but denying their talent(s) is dumb.

  7. Enjoyed your submissions, thank you! I love to hear a talented a capella group perform. A few years back Ben Folds did an album with college a capella groups performing his songs, and it was so great. When he toured that year, he had local college a capella groups open for him.

  8. Acapella done well, is marvellous. And just for you, I’m back. Because I love this hop, and I’m so sorry I crapped out on it for so long, but it just wasn’t fair as I wasn’t commenting on anyone else’s. I’ll try to this week.

    Congrats to Natalie 😀 What a star 😀

  9. I’ve been hooked on acapella ever since Pitch Perfect. I have been listening to Straight No Chaser on Pandora. I’m digging them

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  11. JEN! Thank you so much for putting “straight no chaser” in this!! I heard the can can song on the radio one time, and I didn’t know what it was called or who sang it. I love that song. Thank you, thank you!

  12. I don’t watch reality tv, but I do watch “THE SING OFF” and I have loved every single season of it. I think that the things that some people can do with their voices (imitate an entire BAND) is nothing short of incredible. I find music like this inspiring and amazing. I am so glad you love it too.

    Merry Christmas my friend. XO

  13. Plus, I’ve known about Straight No Chaser for close to 10 yrs, one of the original “Chasers” is from Easton, PA..they have been to our local State Theater and I’ve seen them for a Christmas concert and another mainstream one…they were FANTASTIC. The arrangements, the play on music and words and fiddling with melodies, voices just blew me away.

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