10 {tiny} secret things that bring me joy

I don’t know if these things are tiny, but they might be secrets.  Although my sister knows about #6, and I’m pretty sure my 7-year-old son knows about a lot of them.  I confide in him you know.  Then there’s the fact that I probably have told my husband about all of these at one time or another, but he would claim I never had.  He has memory issues, but that’s OK, because he doesn’t remember.

  1. Wind.  Weird huh?  I love the wind.  I can stand outside in the wind for hours.  Even freezing wind,  IMG_0357although I take precautions so as not to turn into a frozen totem pole.
  2. The Ocean.  Although that’s kind of an extension of #1, because I like the sound of the crashing waves when you can’t hear anything else, except the wind of course. (If the ocean is not available, Lake Michigan will do, cause that’s practically an ocean)
  3. Hot black tea with lemon.  Always and forever. Winter or Summer.  Right now 🙂
  4. My old Nikkormat camera.  It’s sad and happy.  Sad cause darkroom chemicals are poison. Happy because I think of how photography became part of my life.
  5. Painting my nails unusual colors.  Not being a make-up person, it is my subversive way of primping.
  6. Drinking beer margaritas on my driveway in the summer, while the kids play in the kiddie pool. I IMG_0343like to pretend I’m white trash.
  7. The smell of jasmine.
  8. Needle-felting
  9. Snuggling with my boy
  10. And the absolute best, and most predictable, watching my boy sleep.



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16 thoughts on “10 {tiny} secret things that bring me joy

  1. Visiting from Listicles. Is it creepy that the MEMORY of the photography chemical smell makes me happy? 🙂 Not the actual aroma, but the smell brings me right back to the beginnings of my photography.

    • I totally agree! I am so sad that my son will never know the smell of stop-bath 😦 Oh well, he’ll probably live longer because of it! Thanks for stopping by!

    • That’s so funny….I didn’t even think that I didn’t know what needle-felting was until last year. Ooooh it’s so cathartic!
      I wrote this post on my other blog Mom. I’m feeling mad. I’m going to felt. also search youTube for needle felting. It’s a way of taking fluffy wool and turning it into solid forms by punching it with a barbed needle. Or spearing your fingers….whichever.

    • OK, so you have to see my reply to the doseofreality because she asked the same question! Meanwhile, I wonder if white trash people know how to needle felt?

  2. I love the picture of your son sleeping! I have several pics like that as well and treasure them all – especially when he’s giving us a hard time about going to bed 🙂 The wind and ocean are wonderful as well, awesome list!

  3. Good list. I love the last one…watching your babies sleep is wonderful. It doesn’t get much better. Except maybe watching them sleep in your arms while sitting on the beach 🙂

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