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You Don’t Want to Call Nobody Else

My recollections of Rikki are vivid though dreamlike. I remember her sitting in the back seat of a car, clutching a neatly-folded piece of paper. Now she’s leaving – she’s running from something. I am a little afraid for her because he doesn’t want her to leave. I feel twisted and torn because it’s so […]

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Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday 6

  06-07-13 T-minus 30days 15hours 1minute and 4…3…2… Welcome to Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday Where any combination of songs you think barely touch the topic are welcome, and you can play however you like. As Music Director for this lovely cruise I feel it is completely un-necessary to follow the rules as written (I dare you […]

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Mojo vs. The Evil Dragon Lady

This freakin’ weather! Not everyone has the pleasure of living in the midwest. I am aware of that. And I am acutely aware of the fact that many people live places were the sun shines at least, oh I don’t know; once every 4 days? Wow, that would be heaven. That would be like a […]

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Can I be honest a minute…

I really don’t remember you. I know we went to high-school together, but neither your yearbook photo nor your name even jogs my memory. And, you? They tell me we even went to middle school together too? Sorry, I don’t remember you. I wish I did; you seem nice. And to you, the friend I […]

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Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday

  Twisted Mix-Tape? WHAT??!!! This is what. Me and music, we go hand in hand. I carry earbuds with me everywhere I go. My favorite thing to do is tune everyone out at grocery while I jam to Casino Royale (not the new one, yuck, the original soundtrack masterfully created by Burt Bacharach) you do […]

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“I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member.”

Lot’s of new and exciting changes are coming to my blog! It’s nerve-wracking for me, but exciting for you, I hope! While I am in the process of making the change, I have had to remove my youTube links ūüė¶ So some posts might seem bare, but just wait! Bigger and better is on its […]


10 {tiny} secret things that bring me joy

I don’t know if these things are tiny, but they might be secrets. ¬†Although my sister knows about #6, and I’m pretty sure my 7-year-old son knows about a lot of them. ¬†I confide in him you know. ¬†Then there’s the fact that I probably have told my husband about all of these at one […]

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My teeth hurt or What do you do when the gloomies hit you?

My teeth hurt.¬† My teeth hurt because I am clenching them when I sleep.¬† I go to bed trying to convince myself not to do it.¬† Yet I wake up and my teeth just ache.¬† I know what this is a sign of.¬† It’s a sign of stress.¬† Duh.¬† I know you know that.¬† I […]