In case you’re wondering if dogs like wool

I thought I was relaxing.  I deserve to relax, and it was nice.  For the past week, I have been watching my beautiful niece Josie, as well as attempting to home school Isaiah in his 4th week of first grade.  It was tough in the beginning.  OK, more like grueling.  But It was OK and even though the kids were having knock down drag out fights, if I threatened, or offered, to separate them they would scream and protest.  So I think it was worse for me.  Since this arrangement will not last forever, I finally decided to stop pushing the lessons, and take an early mini-break.  This made things much more relaxed and enjoyable today.  However, I was still in the need for some much-needed R&R.  Hubbie offered to take the boy to McDonald’s and I jumped at the chance.  I sat and ate butternut squash for dinner, and checked my email, which has been piling up.  I was enjoying some blogs, shout out to, and  When I realized it was oddly quiet.  Well, you say, your 7-year-old and husband are out of the house.  Yes, but my two dogs are not.  Two small dogs, what harm can they do?  Seriously, they were quiet, and quiet can be deadly.  Then I heard a rustle.  AHHHHHH!!!!  I ran to the living room, there was wool everywhere!  Roscoe had his head in my felting bag and little daisy was under the coffee table trying to murder a ball of light blue roving.  The rest, well, see for yourself. The guilty duo headed for their room as soon as I yelled “OUT!”.  And I am left with the rest. There is more under the table.So, yes, in case you’re wondering, dogs like wool.  And if you also wonder when mom’s get to rest, well, let me know when you figure it out.

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