Taping the house down

A moment from the past.  My dear sweet boy.  I miss him, yet I have him.  I smile with longing the same way I dream of his future.  He was 4, now he’s 7.  A funny moment from one of my new favorite person’s blog made me realize I had never shared this moment.    Well, this is what happens when you’re husband was an over-the-road furniture mover for 15 years.  His unnatural obsession with packing tape, made it easy access for this innovative 4-year-old.  How could I have forgotten to share this with all of you?  Thank you Stephanie at boymamateachermama for reminding me of this moment!

2 thoughts on “Taping the house down

    • Believe it or not it came off relatively easily, although I was very careful! And that wasn’t the first time. Stay-tuned, there is more video of his adventures with the packing tape, you have inspired me to share these humorous moments in the past!

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