Pockets Acorns Rocks and Leaves

Does anyone else have pockets (or purses) filled with acorns, rocks and leaves?  Mine are.  The leaves don’t usually make it.  It’s often a day or two before I discover them and move them to their new home, the nature table.

As I emptied my pockets today, I had a moment.  Being true to what Waldorf is, does not have to mean going to a Waldorf School, it doesn’t mean following a certain curriculum, it doesn’t have to mean taking classes, seminars or webinars.  And it certainly doesn’t mean not having a normal life!
Me and the rest of the midwest it seems, converged on Apple Holler this weekend.  I love Apple Holler but as far as apple picking goes, it’s pretty commercial.  And if you were to judge it by “Waldorf ideas” it’s not.  But that’s not true is it?  Waldorf is not the superficial things we do like going to Apple Holler, stopping at McDonald’s or Taco Bell every once in a while.  It’s not keeping your son from having a gum ball at Wal-Mart every other week, and it’s not forbidding any media whatsoever ever!
Waldorf is; that among the painted figures of parrots, sharks, rhinoceros (you get the picture) in the trees, my son say’s “Mom will you hold these acorns? They’re for my nature collection!”  Of course!  In my pocket they go.  As we walk down a path at least a hundred other people are making their way down, he says “Hey, Mom!  Look at this rock I found for my nature collection!”   or “Hey mom, can we take these leaves too?  I really want them for my nature collection”  And then he runs to the fake cow maze, the pony ride that consists of two horses walking a 10 foot oval, twice.  Or the train ride, hay stack playground, the kettle corn!  But he also says “Mom, look at all these straight lines in the fence!  And the curves in the picture of these sheep” and then “you know what mom?  we’re homeschooling right now!  This is fun!”  And off he goes again 🙂

Waldorf is Good True and Beautiful.  Waldorf is your child being assured that he is strong and helpful, that you love him and are thankful for everything he does.  It’s your child truly knowing you are proud of him and you are confident he can do any task he tries.

That’s Waldorf.

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6 thoughts on “Pockets Acorns Rocks and Leaves

  1. oh, my pockets must look a lot like yours.
    and i’m with you on the leaves. they make for lots of noise and uncomfortable pokes, but they don’t usually make it out in one piece.
    but i can’t help but think of all the “treasures” children entrust us with — that their safe-keeping (or at least an attempt at that) — must be communicating something to those tender hearts. something that says, “you can trust me with what is valuable to you.”
    what a precious boy you have. he’s blessed with a mama who knows what is really important. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yesterday it was 6 kernels of corn. Every once in awhile he would make me take them out of my pocket to count them and make sure they were all there!

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