Isaiah’s Favorite Halloween Picture Books


We love Halloween. And we LOVE Halloween picture books. Our decorations are up and our Halloween books are out.

One of the great gifts of Dyslexia is that Isaiah has never lost interest in Halloween picture books. That might be a lesson to learn? Pull some of these out just for a fun, relaxing night for you and your 10yo, you may be surprised how much you both still love these!

These are our favorites, they have come out every year, some for 7 years! A few are oldies, and out of print. But on Amazon, that means you can get them for $4.00! One pennie plus $3.99 shipping. I’d say you can’t beat that! (and just so you know…those are Amazon affiliate links that will take you straight to Amazon)


Hester by Byron Barton

Hester is one of the out of print books we love, it was a gift from a friend with grown children and I am so blessed it landed in our hands! Hester is an alligator who lives in New York and goes out trick or treating on her own, only to happen upon a party. She is invited in and has an adventure with a house full of monsters. The witch who lives in the house has a dry sense of humor and only a teeeny bit of menace. I don’t want to give it away, you will read it over and over again!




The Halloween House by Erica Silverman

Two escaped convicts find their way into an abandoned house. Only it’s not abandoned, on Halloween night the house comes alive! The reader soon forgets the convicts as they are drawn into the masterful artwork and playful poetry that is the The Halloween House. Isaiah has memorized this The Halloween House is another out of print book, so I would say snatch it up!


Froggy’s Halloween by Jonathan London

Who doesn’t love a good Froggy book? This one is great, because after Froggy hems and haws about what to be, when he finally decides he unwittingly attracts the attention of Princess Frogelina!




Mini House: The Haunted House (Mini House Book) by Peter Lippman

This beautiful book is not just a decoration, although we certainly use it as one! But it comes out of the Halloween display every night to get read. With each turn of the page you explore your way through this haunted mansion full of scary beasts and flying creatures. At the end you arrive in the bedroom of  the sleeping boy who lives in the house. I won’t spoil the surprise!

You cannot miss this book. The amazing craftsman ship and puzzle like precision makes it just as much a piece of art, yet strong enough for little hands.

halloween house lippman


Scholastic Reader Level 2: Inside a House That is Haunted

The hilarity ensues as a knock on the door causes quite a commotion for the monsters who live in this house. It’s Halloween night, and there are visitors arriving? What happens when we don’t know who the real monster is?!


halloween_inside a house


Traditions are one of the best part of holidays for me, and seasonal books are such a great way to create excitement about Halloween. Every year I make Isaiah wait to get out the books and decorations. This year he was so determined he hauled the containers out of the basement himself!  I love that this has become our “thing” and I hope some of these books will become favorites for you and your family!

What are some of your favorite Halloween books?

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