Isaiah’s Favorite Halloween Picture Books

We love Halloween. And we LOVE Halloween picture books. Our decorations are up and our Halloween books are out. One of the great gifts of Dyslexia is that Isaiah has never lost interest in Halloween picture books. That might be a lesson to learn? Pull some of these out just for a fun, relaxing night for […]


A Book Review: Order of Seven by Beth Teliho

I love Young Adult books. There is something about how quickly it gets in to the story, and how emotionally invested the characters are, that grabs me. Order of Seven by Beth Teliho is no exception. I cracked this book open (ok turned on my Kindle) about 9pm on a Tuesday night. At 2am I […]

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I just can’t read one more stinking page! Best Books of 2014

Phew…. at least I got that off my chest. Once upon a time – before kid – before marriage – before my eyes were opened to the reality of other people needing me. Ugh. I used to devour one “meaningful” book after another. My brain knew no bounds, I just sucked it all in, and even […]

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My Son’s Brain is Not Public Domain

I remember when I was a Political Science major, I had this amazing professor who had us read a whole list of books on Utopias; just so we would be sure that we knew what a Utopia was, and that we didn’t live in one. After my son was born I began reading Young Adult […]

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Music to Tame The Savage Beast

  Last night the little man was in prime form. It’s funny when you can connect behavior to things you have read – it a reminds me of how normal life really is.  Tonight, he was Max from Where the Wild Things Are; just when Max yelled at his mom “I’ll eat you up!”.  That was […]


I Cannot Live Without Sheldon, Shawn, and Sherlock

Today’s Finish the Sentence Friday is, “I am very passionate about.” Well, there are a lot of gimme’s so I’m not gonna go there, kids, writing, eating….you know, the important stuff. The thing is, these days I have so little no time to myself that I am seriously jonesing for my TV! Not to mention the […]

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Call and Response

I’ve been absent for a while.  I’ve been absent because I have been pondering. I have made a very good friend through my blog.  Amazingly enough, she has my mind, in a body I have never met, living somewhere in Florida.  She has become a wonderful friend, a great sounding board, and also a reminder.  […]

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Is he knitting yet?

Nope.  He’s not knitting, he’s not reading either.  I started to think about these things on my drive home from dog training class tonight.  The conversation was sparked when I mentioned Isaiah didn’t read, he’s 7.  I explained that we were following the Waldorf ideals in our homeschooling and someone else piped in, “well is […]

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This is about “Breaking” the parenting mold, isn’t it?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  And I’m sorry about that.  I’ve been on sort of a mental sabbatical.  And when I say mental, I truly mean that I believe my senses have been dangerously close to leaving me.  It’s amazing how easily you can forget who you are.  Especially when the pressure is […]

homeschool parenting raising a boy sensory processing disorder

The Social Experiment Part One

I feel like Isaiah is a social experiment.  Well, I don’t just feel like it.  It is almost intentional.   The fact is, I completely shelter him from outside influences.  There is no pop culture in his life.  No TV, no movies (post 1970), no pop music (post 1990), no video games.  We are living in […]