Is Your Kid a LEGO Feeler?

Isaiah doesn’t get to watch real TV. It’s not because I don’t want him to have screen time necessarily. Let’s face it, when you’re a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom who blogs and designs, a little screen time is like a vacation in the tropics with a fou-fou drink.

He doesn’t watch TV because I don’t trust what’s on TV, especially the commercials, and since I work while he watches, I can’t be the police too.

About six months ago he started “watching” YouTube. It was pretty great really, because there are these awesome LEGO movies out there that are hilarious, and I admit, sometimes I even took a break, by accident.

Then one day I heard a kid talking, I looked over his shoulder and was like, “what the heck are you watching?”

It turned out he was watching a kid open LEGOS. Yes. You heard me right. He was watching someone else open LEGOs.

I couldn’t believe that this was a thing. It wasn’t just one kid, it’s a whole sub-culture of people who make videos of themselves opening all kinds of stuff. LEGOs, easter eggs, toys..any toys.

If you have kids, maybe you get this. I don’t get this. But some kids watch other people play video games on YouTube and some kids, my kid, watch people open LEGOs, more specifically, videos of people opening LEGO minifigures.

And after watching 100’s of people open millions of LEGO minifigures, he started learning how to feel for LEGO minifigures.

What you ask? YES, apparently, if you are crazy enough, your fingers can do the walking for you and be a LEGO feeler.

And then it was endless trips to the LEGO store, Hobbytown and Toys R US and that’s when I discovered there is a whole subculture of LEGO feelers out there!


I was amazed at Isaiah’s accuracy. He was correct 90% of the time! And accuracy counts when you blow your top and steam comes out of your ears when things don’t go your way.

Fearing the worst, would sit there and cringe as he would stand at the counter of Hobbytown and ask for the scissors. Hiding behind my fingers and looking for a safe place to run, I would pray he was right and would be opening the Greek Warrior Princess. And then I would hear “Oh my gosh!!! Mom!!! Oh my gosh! I am so excited! YES! YES!”

It was inevitable, because he’s a showman, that eventually he would want make his own videos opening his own LEGOs.

So when the new LEGO series 14 minifigures – Monsters came out yesterday, (yes I know what I just said, I know all of the minifigure series now and what’s in them and when they come out and what we’re waiting for and what we don’t have and OMG help me!) he wanted to make his own video. He’s pretty hilarious. It’s kind of long, but he didn’t want me to edit anything out, so I didn’t.

And if you have kids that also might like to watch other kids open LEGOs, we’d love it if you’d subscribe to his brand new LEGO channel. He wants to start doing give-aways when he hits 100 subscribers!



LEGO Feeler

2 thoughts on “Is Your Kid a LEGO Feeler?

  1. Omg I thought it was only my kids. Seriously my girls make videos all the time around here, especially with their Legos. I think our kids would get along perfectly – seriously!!! 😉

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