100 Word Song – What’s Going On

His name was Beaufort Jones, his family had owned this drugstore for over 100 years. He knew Lu – he knew Lu for longer than I had known the world.

His hand rubbed a cloth over the gleaming counter, tracing large circles that had been marked for a century. Beaufort looked at me out of the corner of his eye. “I always knew you would come,” then quieter, “I just thought she would send for you once her father passed.”
Sitting on the stool, I held my breath.
“He never did approve – he never knew you and he never forgave her.”


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
This post was written for 100 word song. A meme where you have 7 days to write something, anything inspired by a specific song in 100 words or less. My story is a continuation of the post from last week. It’s fun to not be in control of where the story will go. I let the song take me where it will. To read were the story of CiCi started click here. I can’t thank Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog enough, for pushing this writer to write. If you’d like a push too, all are warmly welcomed!

10 thoughts on “100 Word Song – What’s Going On

    • Janine ~ It’s that connecting that makes it so challenging, but in a good way. Thank you for following this story, if it ever makes it to print, I’ll be thanking you!

  1. “…tracing large circles that had been marked for a century…” that’s a great line. So powerful and so heartbreaking and we’re only just discovering your character’s reality with her. Wanting to know what happens next. Great job Jen!

    • Thanks Linda! I’m getting a little impatient myself. I was trying to decide last night if I should just start writing her story and move on to something else for 100 word song.

  2. “Auggghhhh!!!!” – This is what you make me yell after every 100 Word Song Post. It’s like a damn season finale where you have no idea if they survived the car crash or not. Also. It’s awesome. And I hope your having a nice vacation and stuff. 🙂

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