My Faith and Planning our Homeschool Year


I was amazed when I read the passage below.  Homeschooling is such a journey.  I hear so much, how do you do it?  I could never homeschool, I don’t have the patience, or even I would probably kill my child if I was with him all day.  Well, I struggle with all of that.  Let’s be honest, homeschooling is no walk in the park.  If being a stay at home mom is a job, then homeschooling is like working two jobs. At the same time.  When I was struggling the most, I found this passage.  Well actually my husband emailed it to me.  He has a very bad habit of forwarding EVERYTHING.  Mostly I delete without reading, but for some reason I read this.  It was from Dr Charles Stanley.  It couldn’t have been more timely and appropriate.  I urge you to read it, see if it resonates with you too.


Joshua 6:1-5

Joshua needed guidance as he faced one of the most crucial moments of his life. Because the Lord had promised him success in conquering Jericho, he knew the outcome of the battle, but as the day of combat approached, he needed a specific strategy for victory. What he heard the Lord say must have made his jaw drop.

Can you imagine the soldiers’ thoughts as they carried out this bizarre battle strategy? In confusing times like this, it’s good to remember three requirements for benefiting from God’s instructions. We need:

• Faith to believe the Lord
• Courage to obey Him
• Patience to wait for His timing.

When God gives us clear instruction through His Word or His Spirit within us, our response shows how much we trust Him. If we truly believe Him and His promises, precise and complete obedience will follow. His victory in any area of struggle is available only to those who act upon His directions.

Submitting to the Lord’s timing is also an essential part of obedience. What would have happened if the army decided to bypass God’s plans for the first six days and skip straight to the seventh day’s march around Jericho? They would have missed the victory.

How often do we beg the Lord for guidance, yet hesitate to obey when He finally gives it? Living by faith can seem like a huge risk when His instructions make no sense or require a lengthy wait. But knowing His eternal perspective and unlimited power can strengthen our resolve to obey.

3 comments on “My Faith and Planning our Homeschool Year”

  1. I respect Charles Stanley more than any other evangelist I’ve ever heard or read.


    I will tell you that the Lord had you write this just exactly for your new friend and longlost twin sister.

    “Living by faith can seem like a huge risk when His instructions make no sense or require a lengthy wait. But knowing His eternal perspective and unlimited power can strengthen our resolve to obey.”

    Maybe I’ll sahre the what behind this — but I am absolutely certain that you wrote this for me (:

    So, thanks.

    1. Remember when I told you I wrote a post about my faith but was afraid to post it? Well you are right. Ironically I did post it for you! Your encouragement has been on my mind, and although I wrote this a month ago, it sat in my draft pile. I wasn’t ready. You helped me be ready, and I guess I helped you too. So thank you too my friend.

      1. Ah, I love to see those designed moments in my life (: Thanks so much for sharing, not just the post, but About the post (: xoxox

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