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On the outside I’m a hippie freakshow, on the inside…About Jen Kehl

Living Outside the Box You may think I’m a contradiction. I listen to the Grateful Dead, I buy only organic when I can, I vote conservative. I don’t wear makeup, I buy expensive shampoo, I owned a Bugaboo and I buy most of my clothes at Target. I read my bible everyday, old and new […]

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Indoctrination Into Thankful

My good friend Lizzi over at Considerings started something a while back called Ten Things of Thankful. It’s an all weekend show where lots of amazing bloggers participate in taking stock, looking at their life and reminding themselves what they have to be thankful for. I have often wanted to participate, but really struggled with […]


Genesis 1 – In the beginning I was Jewish

This is what I remember. We only ever had a Christmas tree when my brother was living with us. He was half and half. That’s what we called it. I don’t know at what age you actually understand what having a half-sibling means. To me it meant my brother hated my Mother and that he […]


Oh, Coco No

It’s not okay. We always say, “We will never forget.” But will we forget if it means we still get to wear our favorite perfume or carry our ultra-hip handbag? Will we forget because we love to see the celebrity A-listers in Chanel Couture;  because Anne Hathaway looks amazing in her Chanel Gown? And Anne would […]


My Faith and Planning our Homeschool Year

I was amazed when I read the passage below.  Homeschooling is such a journey.  I hear so much, how do you do it?  I could never homeschool, I don’t have the patience, or even I would probably kill my child if I was with him all day.  Well, I struggle with all of that.  Let’s […]

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When I married him I thought he was just outgoing pt 2

So one of the ways he uses his gift to understand people is to teach.  We’ll get back as to how and why my husband became a certified tennis pro at 52 (by 2 organizations with multiple specialties).  Anyway, my husband is an amazing teacher.  Did I mention that he is always happy?  That he […]

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This is about “Breaking” the parenting mold, isn’t it?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  And I’m sorry about that.  I’ve been on sort of a mental sabbatical.  And when I say mental, I truly mean that I believe my senses have been dangerously close to leaving me.  It’s amazing how easily you can forget who you are.  Especially when the pressure is […]

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The Lighter Side – When I married him I thought he was just driven. Part 1

So, I have this husband, and you know, he’s really awesome.  He’s nice to everyone. Literally. Even me.  He’s so nice to everyone, you might say he’s too nice. Here’s an example, one time he gave this complete stranger, a women, his phone number, she was clearly kind of “off”. He thought she seemed “nice”, […]