When I married him I thought he was just outgoing pt 2

So one of the ways he uses his gift to understand people is to teach.  We’ll get back as to how and why my husband became a certified tennis pro at 52 (by 2 organizations with multiple specialties).  Anyway, my husband is an amazing teacher.  Did I mention that he is always happy?  That he is always nice to people.  If you read my post on The Commotion You Know is Better Than The Commotion You Don’t Know.   You might understand, because my husband is Isaiah’s tennis teacher.  Today Isaiah kept saying Feuerwehr (fiavaya) Feuerwehr over and over again.  That’s “fire-truck, fire-truck” in German over and over.  He was saying it like he was one, and it was coming through so you better watch out.  I was in the gallery trying to work, and I had to plug my ears.  But that husband of mine kept teaching.   Cause he has a gift.  If I was a mom with a kid who had any special need. ADD, whatever, man would I be THRILLED to have a teacher like him!  Oh wait, I am!  And so, even though this means job #2 takes up a ton if his time, we sacrifice.  Because you know what I would have given to have a teacher like my husband?  Or to have traded some of Isaiah’s past teachers with a teacher like him?  A teacher who genuinely took an interest in each individual kid.  Who never had a player who wasn’t good? To him every player is the same, they just had different strengths.  No matter if that player is 4 or 84.

That’s really why he became a pro in the first place.  Cause when he couldn’t play golf or basketball anymore, he started playing tennis with this guy he met at the White Hen.  Did I mention that my husband knows more people than I think i have ever met in my whole life? Anyway, he started playing tennis.  The way my husband engages people, he just grew this network of people who loved to get into philosophical conversations with him, and play tennis.  He kinda reminds me of my dad that way, always having discussions in the Rabbi’s study.  Sounds old world, huh.  Not as much as you might think.  And you know, my husband is having those same discussions.  The only difference is, he’s taking it to the streets.  My husband see’s meeting new people as a blessing.  I really was not telling the whole truth when I said he has 2 jobs, cause he really has 3, and it’s his first job.  The one with which he reaches out and touches people, connecting with them at such an instinctual level that they can’t help but be drawn in and start talking about the things that they feel so strongly about.  Seriously, there have been times I have come downstairs (his office is in the basement) and he’s having this really serious conversation.  It might be about politics, or religion, usually it is specific to a certain idea.  And I think, I can’t interrupt him because I don’t know how important this client is that he’s talking too (I know certain people I could interrupt, cause they’ve been doing this for years)  So I wait patiently, he notices me and starts to wrap it up.  When he get’s off the phone I say “So, who was that?”  He says, “Oh Nobody, just the agent from Comcast”  Seriously, this man has a gift, he uses it in very unconventional ways, but I’m pretty sure God is smiling at him.  Actually in a really odd way, I’d say our life together has been a testament to that.

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