Twisted MixTape 21

OK. So I’m not saying you would do this, or even THINK about it. I’m not saying I ever have or would think about it. We’re all friends here, and mostly in committed relationships. So this is Purely Hypothetical. (John Cusack this does not apply to you) Our twisted mixtape topic for today is:

No Strings Attached

You know those musicians. It’s a seedy business. I mean, come on, Fleetwood Mac? Whom wasn’t with whom at some point. I think every single musician has written some song about an actual, or imagined, or desired night, or weekend or lifetime of a relationship with no strings attached. And so, without furtherness down this path that could cause trouble so I’ll just spin the tunes.

If I Needed Someone

It Might As Well Be You – Del Amitri

I admit it. I love Del Amitri so hard. Especially Justin Currie, because you know, he’s the one singing just for me. What? You thought he was singing for you? Nope, me. It was me, lighting up when he said “The matchlight illuminates and there you are again” seriously, he is so FREAKING poetic. The thing is their songs are all pretty deep and brooding and saddish. But I give them a pass, because it is impossible not to want to belt out their tunes in the car. His voice is that good.

Sadly, there is no version of this song on YouTube, let’s see if I get my act together to make one.  Although I really love this video because it shows Justin Currie’s true personality. But since he doesn’t sing the whole song let me treat you to this:

It might as well be you that I wake up to tomorrow
And it might as well be you that tonight whispers my name
And it might as well be you that I cling to, that I laugh with and sing to
That I kiss goodbye to never see again

And if we go home tonight
You might find the very thing
That come the morning light might well have washed your mind of him
So let me in tonight so we two losers might start to win
Del Amitri, is defunct, but Justin’s still going, and I think my husband is pretty lucky I wasn’t in that audience.



Oh What a Night – The Four Seasons

This was a gimme. But especially after seeing Jersey Boys (twice because my sister is a freak, and I didn’t want to go because the guy who played Frankie Valli looked SO MUCH like my ex that it ruined it for me because I just kept thinking it was him and frankly he was an ass) the meaning of this song is no longer eclipsed by the disco urge that takes over my body when I hear it.


Your Love – The Outfield

Another song that I never stopped loving from the 80’s. And yes, I was well aware of what it meant. It was probably the first song that came into my head when I decided to make this mix for John everyone. What?
*aside – they play suckie air guitar



Steal Away – Robbie Dupree

Lately I’ve been listening to this awesome Pandora mix I created. This song pops up a lot, and I just really like the slow happy groove. I’ve always known the chorus, because let’s face it, a dumb-head would know the chrous. But Since I have heard it one million times this last week I have learned all of the words, kind of like second-hand smoke.
I caught you glancing my way
And I know what you’re after
(No second chances tonight)

Dude, Robbie. You must have thought you were pretty hot. Also I loves me some Wolfman Jack!



And this is how you know I’m getting old – I’d say he aged pretty well! 


I’d Really Love to See You Tonight – England Dan and John Ford Coley

What better reason to get together could there be than “a warm wind blowing and the stars are out”?



And in honor of going to see Journey tonight (Tuesday) at the best place to see live music that I can drive to (or maybe walk), Ravinia Festival.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

We belt these lyrics out, but do we really know what we’re singing?
A singer in a smoky room
The smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on



Here’s the fun part! The rules of Twisted MixTape are as such: Try and create a 5 song mix based on this week’s theme. This week our theme is No Strings Attached – this means any song about one night stands, or relationships involving no commitment.

Take it easy, make it flow, remember in your mind you are creating your mixtape for someone special. For instance, Tracy from Crazy as Normal would be creating her mixtape for Ethan Hawke.

Create your own post and link it up, or put your mix in the comments. If you are going to link-up there must be a song – relating to the theme – in your post. And really, if you’re not ready to link up with us, no worries! We love songs in the comments! So bring it!

Please visit your fellow mix-makers, and if you can, comeback every so often to see if anyone new has arrived. Share this all over the place, the more the merrier! And go visit my lovely cohort, without whom I would have never had the guts to make this happen – Kristi at Finding Ninee. She’s always got a song, a funny story and some silly Drawrings. Mostly, just have fun, there’ s no pressure here.


Here is The List of all Lists:

August 27 – You know what? I suck/ You suck. Get your venom out here, or maybe that ballad that basically says ‘you suck’”, or play it this way: you’re the one who did wrong and you know it. This is your apology/acknowledgement for being an ass. Or a mix of the two. You decide.
September 3 – “BEST OF” pick a band, any band, and put together a “Best of” playlist. Easy peasy for the holiday weekend.
September 10 – Make a mix for a friend of songs you think are beautiful. Either because they make you happy, they are musically composed in some way because they are pleasing to you  or they just plain make you think…this is beautiful. (that doesn’t always mean happy)
September 17 –  Free for all! New feature! Every 6 weeks I’m gonna post a free for all. Make a mix, any mix! Whatever speaks to you is AOK with me. Maybe you have a theme in your head, an idea to showcase. WHATEVER YOU WANT!

And if you got this far…. I’m taking suggestions for mixtapes, so give me a hollar, best place to do that is twitter @jenkehl cause that’s where I live. But a comment will do just fine too!


23 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape 21

  1. I saw Jersey Boys twice too- once in Tampa and once in NYC. Luckily, no ex visions during it!

    A little confusing how comment is now unclickable at top under post title and here at bottom but at least it is working.

    • I’m glad it was all good for you Kate. The guy we got only does Wednesday shows, but those are the cheapest, so that’s what we saw. Boo ex!

  2. Nice mix. I used to play many of these on the air during my DJ days. It’s been ages since I’ve heard anyone mention England Dan and John Ford Coley. They kind of came on the scene and knocked Brewer and Shipley right out of sight. Great job!

  3. Oh what a night… late December back in ’63… I so appreciate you putting this song on here-it knocked that terrible Heart song that I hate so much right out of my brain! HA HA! And Journey… ok, ok, I stand corrected. There are some good songs about the topic o’ noncommital lovin!

  4. One of the first songs my husband suggested for this theme was “Oh What A Night” but I loathe that song so much, so no way was I going to use it! 😉

    …and Whoa! Wolfman Jack! awesome!

    I used The Outfield too in my post. Some great ones in here that I didn’t think of and I had started with a pretty long list!

    • Kari It was hard for me to narrow it down too. But in the end… and I figured you wouldn’t like the disco stylings of Oh What a Night!

  5. Good pull on The Outfield song. That’s not romantic in any way, total hook up song.

    When Dan Seals died, I mourned harder than I thought I would. I’d Really Love To See You Tonight is one of the greatest soft rock songs ever.

    good list

    no comment on Journey. Brother is disappointed.

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  8. I fully endorse, and for the record, have the same rule applicable in regards to John Cusack. And yes, I DID see him first!

    Also, Oh My God! How did I never realize that that was what “oh what a night” was all about? My uber-Roman Catholic mom used to even listen to it!

    • Now how exactly do you have dibs on John Cusack Troy? Have we talked about this already? AND LOL about Oh What A Night, go see Jersey Boys! You won’t regret it!

  9. England Dan & John Ford Coley – YES! Great one! And not for nuthin’, but I think Robbie Dupree looks pretty good too. And you can see how old I am that I mentioned how good Robert Plant looks now. HA! The man can still fill out a pair of tight jeans pre-tty well. Just sayin’.

    And I knew there had to be a Journey song on this topic but couldn’t think which one. And just to give you an idea of how clueless I can be…even as a songwriter…I now have a new one to add to my ever growing list of mondegreens. “A singer in a smoky room…”? I always, always, always…until riiiggghhhttt now thought that it was “I seen her in a smoky room”. Uh…yeah.

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  11. I am SO relieved that I’m not the only one who misheard that lyric!! Thank you, Linda! LOL! It was “Glee” that cleared it up for me, though, a few years back. As for “Oh, What a Night” . . . well, shit. I’m going to have to revisit those lyrics, because I never thought of that song in that way! And for as much as I love Heart, I HATE THAT SONG . . . you know the one.

  12. Ok first, I can’t believe we’re on number 21 already. I mean, “we’re” by “you’re” because I couldn’t play all the time, all the time.
    Second. Your list is freaking awesome!!! Every time I come here, I learn about music. And about you. And that, my friend, is f!cking (see, I learn, eventually) awesome. Oh. Also I hate that Journey song. My mom had an affair with my brother’s hockey coach and that one, along with “Faithfully” (irony anybody?????) were “their songs” so puke. Or, hm. Maybe you just gave my mother-insight. In which case I should send you $150.

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