The First Rule of Battle – Don’t Ever Fall Asleep

You think you’re safe do you? You’re innocently playing a game of battleship with your son, and you’re just so darn comfy on the floor there that you start to nod off…

I’m sure the pillow didn’t help.

Then you hear the boy, “Poppy!! Wake up! You’re supposed to be playing with me!”

So you wake up, give your head a good shake, and get back to the business of sinking battleships. But something has changed. Somehow your son’s aim has improved. You are getting your butt kicked! It’s like he’s psychic, or like he is channeling the most decorated battle worn extremely skilled old and salty destroyer captain. You know, maybe the guy who sunk The Bismark?

Your son beats you. You never had a chance it seems. Almost every single shot was a hit! You never said, “You sunk my Battleship!” so many times in your life.

You congratulate your son on a game well-played and even boast to your wife about how well he did.

Later that night your wife is on her iPad and she finds this photo:


Also the one of you sleeping up there ^ I think more than becoming a seasoned battleship captain, this kid has a promising career in espionage.


*here is a side-note. When the poppy fell asleep he didn’t even have his battleships set up. The boy took the set into the bathroom, set it up, took a picture and then set it right in front of his sleeping father. He settled himself back in place and then woke his father up. His father, not even realizing someone else had set up his ships, proceeded to play.


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