Isaiahisms Vol 2

isaiah in suit for

It’s that time again. Actually. I forgot last week. Sorry.

I think I have too many things going on, but not so many that I can’t share with you, by popular demand, and my own delusions of grandeur, or ridiculous narcissism when it comes to my son. The new blog: IsaiahDotCom.

Actually he demanded it.

I know you might not have enough time or inclination to read another blog. So every week you will find a recap here. But if you want a blow by blow on the latest antics, head on over to IsaiahDotCom.

This is what you’ve missed:

Isaiah on the Second Amendment

Someday when I’m good enough (at archery), I’ll be able to protect the family.

You have to protect your family. Because when you, Poppy, are all bent over and gray and old and crunchy and saying you have to get over to the gun safe but you can’t because it’s taking so long. I will be able to defend you with my bow and arrow.


Isaiah on Rock Music

I don’t like rock music. I mean mom, I’m really sorry, you know the kind of boy I am. You know what I mean, it’s making my head go like this. (makes face) Yeah mom, I’m sorry, I just don’t like the texture.


Isaiah on Hiring a Babysitter

She said “Chicks” mom! You know, “I live with a couple of chicks.” That is downtown language. We do not use downtown language in this house. I’m sorry, but she’s fired.



So if you want to know more head on over to IsaiahDotCom – he said that. Not me.

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