Rainy day balance game

So, I got this idea from a post I saw on pinterest about making a spiderweb puzzle to walk and challenge your kids, and as a plus I knew it would help sensory issues, like sensory processing disorder and sensory integration disorder.  For any kid it was perfect for our gloomy and damp midwest fall.  The thing is, I’m not incredibly creative, and if something takes too much prep time, let’s face it, I’m not gonna do it.

So this is what I did.  I always have painters tape around, I think that’s the one thing you can’t skimp on, because it doesn’t damage your floor.  I made a pattern that was just like the food pyramid basically.  I made a triangle, then broke it up into squares.  To make it kinda Halloweeny I took Halloween cookie cutters and put them in the squares.  You could use anything, toy cars, blocks, whatever you have around.  Then I put bean bags in strategic locations throughout the pyramid.

The deal was, that he had to balance on the lines, walk over the bean bags, and pick up a cookie cutter without falling into the “ocean”.  You can call it whatever you want, my child happens to be obsessed with ships, so it was the ocean.  Well, that was too easy.  It took about a minute and he said “this is no fun”.  So I obviously had to add a degree of difficulty, now when he bent to pick up a cookie cutter, he had to do it on one leg!  Now that made it fun!

And, because he’s an only, mommy took a turn too.  Isaiah placed everything as strategically as he could, so he could laugh as mommy fell in the ocean!


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