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Professor Isaiah and the Dynamite

Have I told you that my son is a pyromaniac? Oh, no? My son is a pyromaniac. Actually, lately, I realize I might be wrong. Apparently part of the definition of pyromania “is repeated association with fire but without a real motive”. Well my son has motive, his motive is to set a fire. He […]

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I’m just a girl, parenting a boy.

That’s him, that’s my son, the one swinging from the loft on a swing made of home-made rope. I read a Facebook post the other day, one in which a mother was concerned about her stepson’s rambunctious playing style.  He’s 5, and she has younger girls.  I understand, I do.  I am the mother of […]

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Rainy day balance game

So, I got this idea from a post I saw on pinterest about making a spiderweb puzzle to walk and challenge your kids, and as a plus I knew it would help sensory issues, like sensory processing disorder and sensory integration disorder.  For any kid it was perfect for our gloomy and damp midwest fall.  […]

homeschool parenting raising a boy sensory processing disorder

The Social Experiment Part One

I feel like Isaiah is a social experiment.  Well, I don’t just feel like it.  It is almost intentional.   The fact is, I completely shelter him from outside influences.  There is no pop culture in his life.  No TV, no movies (post 1970), no pop music (post 1990), no video games.  We are living in […]