100 Word Song – Down South

For all of the decrepitation of this crumbled down street; the run down store front, he was impeccable. The perfect southern gentleman, dressed the part, like he was waiting for a full house. “Well now darlin’, you’re from up north ain’t you?” His deep voice was musical, like a baritone sax, the bass so low she could feel if from within. “Now I’ll tell you something, but first you gotta tell me why you wanna go digging up those old bones.” She moved to a stool, took out the yellowed, faded photo of a once happy family and laid it down.


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
This post was written for 100 word song. A meme where you have 7 days to write something, anything inspired by a specific song in 100 words or less. My story is a continuation of the post from last week. It’s fun to not be in control of where the story will go. I let the song take me where it will. To read were the story of CiCi started click here. I can’t thank Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog enough, for pushing this writer to write. If you’d like a push too, all are warmly welcomed!
I want to say a special thank you to Linda over at Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom, she chose this week’s song, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Down South by Tom Petty.

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