100 Word Song – Sweethearts

She needed air and answers. Remembering an old drugstore/soda fountain downstairs, she grabbed the keys and tested the creaky stairs. The Louisiana afternoon slammed into her. She breathed the humid air deep into her lungs to acclimate. Two doors down she stepped into a store frozen in time. The bell on the door tinkled; dust swirled and sparkled in the sun’s rays that had forced themselves through the holes in the awning. A rumbling, kind voice said, “How can I help you today ma’am?” She raised her head to respond, and watched his face transform. He was seeing a ghost.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
This post was written for 100 word song. A meme where you have 7 days to write something, anything inspired by a specific song in 100 words or less. My story is a continuation of the post from last week. It’s fun to not be in control of where the story will go. I let the song take me where it will. To read were the story of CiCi started click here. I can’t thank Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog enough, for pushing this writer to write. If you’d like a push too, all are warmly welcomed!
This week’s song is “Sweethearts” by Camper Van Beethoven.  I really encourage you to play. It is so much fun once you get started!

10 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Sweethearts

    • Thank you Stephanie! I never listened to them, that’s why I love this meme! It exposes me, and forces me to listen to, music I never would have heard!

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