Twisted MixTape Tuesday 8

Whoa, doggy! You met this guy/girl and he/she’s awesome, you are finally in a committed/casual relationship. It’s been a magical 5 days, and then all of a sudden; Nothing. No return phone calls – you only left 32 messages.  You’ve texted at least 100 times, where is he/she? You even tried Facebook, but there must be something wrong, it says you’re blocked. That can’t be right. He/She has left you no choice; the only thing left to do is to make a mixtape. You’re going to make it perfectly clear to him/her that he/she belongs with you, and leaving was a mistake. (Although you secretly believe nothing is wrong and this is just some sort of mix-up.) At the very least, let’s get back together. Please?

As Music Director of this lovely show; I love when people play along. I enjoy reading your choices as much as I enjoy putting mine together. So come on down! If you’re feeling extra PLUCKY, put your own post together and LINK RIGHT UP, I’ve finally put a Linky in! The rules are loosey goosey, so try to follow along. If you are going to LINK-UP there must be MUSIC in your post. Go for 5:  Five songs if you can make it happen, give or take, no one’s counting. Give us a little back story or don’t – we love hearing the music either way. Try and check out your fellow mix-masters, we all love to spread a little happiness about. Finally, SHARE! Tweet, Facebook, G+ whatever you do, the more people who come to visit the more everyone get’s to play!
My Co-Host Kristi from Finding Ninee does her own super special version. A story, silly drawings and a song! Click anywhere you see her name and a link, and you’ll Move On Down to her post. She’s also in the Linky; so give her some love, and all the other linkers too!

Next week’s Mix will be a treat for us all! It’s an All-Skate! The Top 5 Songs You Jam to in Your Car, windows down, singing your heart out!

You Belong To ME

The title track of this mix tape is You Belong To Me by The Doobie Brothers. I chose the Doobie’s Version because, let’s face it, Michael McDonald’s voice is like butter. Lest you think this is a cover song, here’s a Factoid: This song was actually written by Michael McDonald AND Carly Simon.

Now really, who would leave this guy? And he’ll do WHATEVER you want if you’ll just stay with him!
Factoid: Al Greene came from a very religious family and was kicked out of his house in his teens for listening to Jackie Wilson. Factoid 2: In 1976 Al Green (now without the E) became a fully ordained minister – after a wake-up call. He is still one today, preaching right down the street from Graceland.

“If you feel like leaving, you know you can go, but why don’t you wait until tomorrow? If you want to be freeeeee, you know, all you have to do is say so.”  I’m guessing she’s been saying that Daryl, or you wouldn’t be writing this song.
Factoid: (Not to shoot myself in the foot.) Apparently Daryl wrote this song for his collaborator/girlfriend.  Sara clearly had no intention of leaving, they were together for 28 years until they broke-up in 2001, but since you didn’t know that until now, it still counts. Factoid 2: He also co-wrote songs with her sister Janna, the most famous being Kiss on My List.

I didn’t know that a girl like you could make me feel so sad, Rosanna. I never thought that losing you could ever hurt so bad.
Factoid: this song is NOT, in fact, about Rosanna Arquette. While it is true that the keyboard player was dating her at that same time, he did not write the song, it was merely a song based on many relationships. The band did nothing to dissuade the public from making their assumptions, finding the whole thing amusing. Factoid 2: The drummer from Toto, Jeff Porcaro, died in 1992; he and his brother founded Toto. However, well before Toto’s inception, he was already one of the most recorded drummers in history. Playing with a host of musicians, such as Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, Stan Getz, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface! Michael Jackson made a dedication to him in the liner notes of HIStory: Past Present and Future. He died, at 38, by accidentally inhaling the insecticide he was spraying on his lawn. His career is fascinating. Click his name to learn a little more. (p.s. any band that can jam this hard to a song they recorded 20 years earlier, has my undying loyalty.)

Could there be a more classic song of desperation when a someone you love takes that love away?
Factoid: Although the song may be more well-known to some of you youngsters as part two of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (both of which are cover songs) this song was The Supreme’s first #1 hit; staying in that position for two weeks. Since then it has been covered over 16 times. Even J. Geils did it before Soft Cell.


And if you love these songs so much you must have them on iTunes click here:

You Belong to Me – The Very Best of the Doobie Brothers (Remastered)
You Belong to Me (Single Version) – Reflections – Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits
Let’s Stay Together – Al Green: Greatest Hits
Sara Smile – The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered)
Rosanna – Toto IV
Where Did Our Love Go – Number 1’s: Diana Ross & The Supremes

Thanks for playing you’ve made our day! Link-up here so everyone else can play your tunes!

Rockin it with my favorite co-host; MC Mommee & Tunin Tuck

44 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape Tuesday 8

  1. First, I never realized that Michael McDonald was SO HOT until I saw his eyes in your video preview. My friend and I saw the Doobie Brothers at Red Rocks (best place for a concert ever) when I was younger and I totally didn’t appreciate them. Except that they played “Colorado Moon” instead of “Mississippi Moon” which was awesome.
    And BTW I can’t BELIEVE I forgot about Tainted Love for this post! I used to play that over and over and over again. Love it. Great job!

    PS Where did our love go is now looping in my head…

    • Kristi~ You are awesome, and I KNOW! Amazing eyes, amazing voice….I saw The Dead at Red Rocks, Santana too…such an amazing place, made even more amazing by the music! And, you’re welcome!

  2. I just told Kristi that she so brought me back to high school and senior year when I got dumped and listened to Guns N Roses, November Rain for weeks on end until I met a new guy and moved on. Seriously, I totally had forgotten about that until seeing this week’s subject. Thank you both for the trip down memory lane!! 🙂

    • Dana – You may add Richard Marx, he lives down the street from me and went to my rival High School! I see his awesome super modelesque Dirty Dancing wife often and she is Salt of the Earth. So he can join any time!

  3. Okay, here are mine. They are part of the “I Want You Back” series and are, again, totally random and idiosyncratic to my own break ups! Hope you like! xo

    Horn – Phish
    Take It Back – Pink Floyd
    Romeo & Juliet – Dire Straits
    Ghost – Indigo Girls
    Brokedown Palace – Grateful Dead

    • OK music twin. You know who you are. Awesome songs, love any opportunity to listen to Phish, got them on my new Beats now….TY!

  4. Okay, this is funny b/c the same song I picked for last week will totally fit here, too! Now again with my disclaimer: I would never condone or suggest someone hurting/maiming/killing themselves over love, so DON’T DO THAT, bloggy readers! But dammit if this song isn’t hilarious. Here it is again!

    • You crack me up Shay. Were you voted “Girl Most Likely to Find the Easiest Way to do Something?” The song is just as funny the second time around!!!

    • You rock…there was You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, but since they were never technically dating, and he broke up with the mean girl and wound up with the great girl in the end, I figured it wasn’t the best match. Doesn’t mean I don’t secretly like the song 🙂

  5. omg been waitin all week! love this one!
    Your picks also brings back memories :)Why Toto would lead to believe Jeff Porcaro died from the pesticide rather than from cocaine use leaves me perplexed; didn’t he die like a rock star?

    My picks: Phil, Brenda, Cinderella, Whitesnake, Macy, Dixie, Lifehouse (ugh couldn’t cut my list!)

    • Hey LM I’m gonna stay out of the “Jeff” debate. But I’m so GLAD you’re playing you rock! Can’t wait to listen to your list!

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  7. OMG! This is FABULOUS! I always quote a song at the end of my random rants so this is right up my alley! OK… so here are my top 5:
    Every Breath You Take-The Police
    Say-John Mayer
    Poison and Wine-Barton Hollow
    Send Her My Love-Journey
    A Change Is Gonna Come-Sam Cooke

    OK…so now I am going to stalk my high school crush on Facebook now! HaHaHaHa!

    • Middleage ~ This list is AWESOME! What a great combo of old and new. Love it! Gonna have to add some of these to my running playlist… I won’t say anything about the stalking, your secret is safe with me. Can’t speak for the rest of the blogosphere that will read this though 🙂

  8. Tell her. Tell her she’s a fool. You belong to meeEee.
    Let’s Stay Together was my wedding song. Still love it. Best song evah.
    But I knew nothing about Al Green. Interesting info on all the musicians. Can’t believe the guy from Toto died at 38!
    Do you take requests? Can you do a Prince mix tape? I love Prince and I remember reading an article about him years & years ago. He had a rough childhood – was kicked out or otherwise wound up living with a friend – but I don’t remember the whole story.

    • OK Motha…How bout this, I’ll do a request night, and do a special Prince post just for you. Or, I might even do a real everyday post about him if I find him fascinating enough 🙂 Think I’ll do that on Toto, and have a Steely Dan one planned for tomorrow!

  9. 1. Michael McDonald’s voice IS like buttah. I love all of his stuff. I don’t want to, but I do. It’s strong, yet masculine.

    2. I had no idea that Rosanna wasn’t just about his girlfriend. That may have just blown my mind to a whole different dimenstion.

    3. I now have Roasanna stuck in my head.

    • Lisa, My son has been singing Rosanna for TWO DAYS. The real video shows this sexy 80’s chick (rosanna arquette wannabe) in a red dress with high heels. He was demanding that video all day yesterday, I finally had to pull the plug. Good news: He can play the drum solo with random toy guns on his desk.

  10. Um, I totally believed the urban legend that Rosanna was about Rosanna Arquette. You just altered 20+ years of historical understanding for me. I’m not sure what to think about that. On the other hand, I learned interesting facts about Sara Smile. toss-up.

    • Hey Miss! I know! I’ve been doing tons of music research lately and the truth vs. urban legend factor is pretty skewed. Perfect for me!

  11. Hey Jen… Just got your invite. 1st time over: Love this!!! I do want to and will participate. But I think I will soak this all in, enjoy it, and come back next time (week) and give it a go.

    Thanks again, Slu

    • Welcome Slu! So glad you came by! I will send you out a reminder next week 🙂 I can be really annoying when I need to be.

  12. Ok. I’ve been looking forward to this one. I have had my heart broken a time or two (despite my unbelievable awesomeness. Weird, I know)
    Here’s my Ode to All the Assholes:

    “What’s up Lonely”- Kelly Clarkson

    “I Want You Back”- N’Sync

    “Faithfully”- Journey

    “Creep”- TLC

    “99 Problems”- Jay Z

    So… ya. I’ve been cheated & mistreated… but YOU are all the problem. Clearly, right?
    Thanks for this one Jen… fun to reminisce! Especially now that I’ve landed the good one.

    • Erica, you rock as always and are my favorite Nanny! I can’t believe no one else thought of these songs! Especially I want you back! You know what you’re doing, and I AM SURE you have songs for next weeks driving jams!

  13. I saw an interview with Rosanna Arquette ten or so years ago on one of those Vh1 shows and she said something to the effect of “yeah, I herad the song on the radio and thought, wo, he wants to get back together, but you know, that relationship was two or three boyfriends ago”…

    good work. My list is up

  14. Kevin and I were just talking about that “Rosanna” song the other day. We were saying that if we were her, we wouldn’t have gotten back together with the Toto guy either. Wouldn’t have been able to forgive him for “Africa”. 😉

    • Thanks for the laugh Linda! Seriously, my sister always says “There’s nothing that 100 men on mars could ever do!”

  15. I completely forgot to come back and comment here until you posted the new one this week. Oops.
    Still, I’m not ashamed to come late to the party. Here are a few of my top break-up songs (and I am surely about to give away my age here, based on the general era of most of these songs):
    Hall & Oats, “She’s Gone”
    Chicago, “Look Away” and “Explain it to my Heart”
    Quarterflash, “Harden My Heart”
    Rent Soundtrack (original Broadway cast), “Without You”
    Bill Withers, “Ain’t No Sunshine”
    Air Supply, “All Out of Love”
    Ace of Base, “The Sign” (Don’t laugh, but I totally had an epiphany when this song came on the radio as I was driving home shortly after my long-time high school boyfriend broke my heart, and I was instantly over him)

    • Kari! I am so not laughing at the Ace of Base thing! It is on my long list! As I said there is no shame here, the heart wants what the heart wants. Meanwhile totally love your list. She’s Gone also got cut from mine, and my sister asked me today why I didn’t have All Out of Love on the list! You can’t have everything! Thank you once again for rocking our world!

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