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I just can’t read one more stinking page! Best Books of 2014

Phew…. at least I got that off my chest. Once upon a time – before kid – before marriage – before my eyes were opened to the reality of other people needing me. Ugh. I used to devourĀ one “meaningful” book after another. My brain knew no bounds, I just sucked it all in, and even

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100 Word Song – Free Energy

Sinking into the sofa, I plead, “Kipliegh, I’m exhausted. Please? I know I promised. Seriously, what is it with you and these starving musicians?” She’s primping, not listening. We both know she’s already won. “JEN!” She screams, what she thinks that will accomplish, I cannot tell. “Come on! Remember Drake? He’ll be there.” I remember.

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