100 Word Song – Whale

Just as quickly as the light of recognition dawned, it went out. The warmth of his smile remained as he said, “How can I help you little lady?” A good question – how could he help her? Did she imagine that look? CiCi was pretty sure he saw something. Should she take the chance – open up to a perfect stranger? His eyes beckoned to her – ask. A million seconds went by in a blink as she made the decision to accept what she knew was true, and dive in.  She took a deep breath “Did you know Lu Myles?”


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
This post was written for 100 word song. A meme where you have 7 days to write something, anything inspired by a specific song in 100 words or less. My story is a continuation of the post from last week. It’s fun to not be in control of where the story will go. I let the song take me where it will. To read were the story of CiCi started click here. I can’t thank Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog enough, for pushing this writer to write. If you’d like a push too, all are warmly welcomed!
This week’s 100 Word Song prompt was Whale by Yellow Ostrich, completely new to me, that’s half the fun! All are welcome come on in the water’s fine!

8 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Whale

    • Thanks Janine! I know this was a slow one, but I want to keep the story going, and this is the only way I could segue into the next part!

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