100 Word Song – Lucretia MacEvil

She sat on the floor, sweat dripping down her back. She hadn’t even known her aunt Lu existed until the lawyer called about the will.

This dingy little apartment looked like it might have been homey. She sunk into a reverie about what life would have been like in the French Quarter 40 years ago, over this old Jazz Club that had seen everything.

She was flipping through a photo album when she paused. Who was this happy family? The lawyer said she never married. Chills crawled up her spine as realization dawned: the pieces of Lu’s life toppled into place.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
Postscript: This story meant so much to me I have continued it in all the 100 word songs. Click on the category for 100 word song to the right and follow along.

So my new fave gig is to play along with Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

This is called 100 Word Song and the deal is this: you have 7 days from his original post, to write 100 words inspired by Blood, Sweat, & Tears Lucretia Macevil. Please click over to Lance’s blog and use Mr. Linky to post your 100 then tweet, book o face, google +, smoke signal, pony express, or standard mail your 100 word song to everyone you know, and me.

If you must own this song, and you must, click here to buy on iTunes:

Lucretia Mac Evil – Blood, Sweat & Tears: Greatest Hits

13 thoughts on “100 Word Song – Lucretia MacEvil

  1. This is brilliant! I love this! It combines music and writing and imagination and creativity and holy crap this is awesome. *ahem* composing myself now. You do the coolest things on your blog. I’m going to skip over to Lance’s and check this out, but I’ll probably be too chicken to try. But you rock!

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