100 Word Song – I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

She bolted from the drugstore. Leaning against the closed-door she took big gulps of air. Her eyes filled with tears; she looked up to see the sky streaked with gray. The kindness and warmth Beaufort had shown her was overwhelming. Her thoughts came fast and hard; This explained her emotionally distant parents. Lu was her mother. Lu was her mother – a mother she had never known. Her birth-father was a stranger. The woman she had called “Mom” was really her aunt, her father – just her Aunt’s husband. Worst of all her grandfather had never even wanted to know her.


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
This post was written for 100 word song. A meme where you have 7 days to write something, anything inspired by a specific song in 100 words or less. My story is a continuation of the post from last week. It’s fun to not be in control of where the story will go. I let the song take me where it will. To read were the story of CiCi started click here. I can’t thank Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog enough, for pushing this writer to write. If you’d like a push too, all are warmly welcomed!
This weeks 100 Word Song is based on “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” originally written by Randy Newman, performed here by Joe Cocker ( I am breaking the rules, the version chosen by Lance and Leeroy was actually Bobby Darin’s version, to sad for me, sorry.):


14 thoughts on “100 Word Song – I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

  1. Hey, I have missed you are around here and hope you have been having a wonderful vacation. I love reading these writing prompts and your story is really developing so nicely and can’t wait to see where the next prompt takes you!!

  2. The creative and original ways in which your mind works never cease to amaze me. I’m intrigued and will have to go back to the beginning to follow your heroine. You’ve created such strong atmosphere there!

  3. Bobby forgives you =) (though it’s eerie how the strands of your story run close to some facts about his real life…) – I really enjoyed this, and thanks fro introducing me to the Cocker version!

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