100 Word Song – Down South

For all of the decrepitation of this crumbled down street; the run down store front, he was impeccable. The perfect southern gentleman, dressed the part, like he was waiting for a full house. "Well now darlin', you're from up north ain't you?" His deep voice was musical, like a baritone sax, the bass so low … Continue reading 100 Word Song – Down South

Oh, Coco No

It's not okay. We always say, "We will never forget." But will we forget if it means we still get to wear our favorite perfume or carry our ultra-hip handbag? Will we forget because we love to see the celebrity A-listers in Chanel¬†Couture;¬† because Anne Hathaway looks amazing in her Chanel Gown? And Anne would … Continue reading Oh, Coco No