Me vs. Yardwork

I love trees, who doesn’t? But these elm trees?  Every spring for like two months I’m sweeping these things up.  Everyone tracks them in the house, they’re attached to the dog.  Yea, I don’t think so……I’m pretty sure I could do without this one particular tree.

Roscoe in the leaves and yes, these are spring leaves.

Meanwhile……I’m Listening to my iPod, Hold The Line Radio on Pandora, while sweeping the leaves on my patio.  The thing is, I’m wearing sweats, no pockets so I stick the iPod in the back my underwear.  That should work.

Not so much, I feel it slipping down my leg.  So now I’m just standing in my not so private backyard digging my hands down the back of my pants trying to rescue my iPod.  By now the iPod has slid all the way through my underwear to my knee.  I’m thinking nice view, hope no one is looking.  And just in case you’re wondering…. I did not learn my lesson.

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